Life in my Studio

When we got home from the cabin yesterday, there was a package waiting for me from Heather at Pretty Petals. I ordered these pretty ribbons and vintage style labels...and they are so pretty, I couldn't wait to use them.

So, I added one to this little bottle I had done while at the cabin.

This afternoon, I suddenly had a craving for bread pudding. I rarely make dessert to have after dinner, but this is one of my favorite fall desserts. I don't know what it is about that wonderful fall air that makes me want this poor man's pudding...but it happens every fall. I don't usually add anything to it, but today, I decided to add walnuts and coconut. Yum!!
When I started this blog, and decided to call it Life in my Studio, I really liked the name. But, I've been thinking about it for awhile now, and wondering if maybe that wasn't the best name for it, since I want to also include things happening outside of my studio.
Then, I remembered this quote I had read in Ali Edwards' latest book, Life Artist.
Life is the supreme creative act. We are always choosing, shaping, improvising, with what arises around us. The more we accept what is happening and let go of what we think should be happening or what we want to happen, the more free and alive we become. -- Jennifer Louden
Then, I started thinking about what a studio is...a place to create. Isn't that what we do everyday? Everything we do or say, is a part of creating our lives, and who we are. So, in essence, the world is our studio.
After thinking about that way, I decided to keep my blog name.
Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. --Danny Kaye


~Vicki~ said...

love that danny kaye quote - fabby!!! loving your blog xx

Stephanie said...

I loved your blog name the first time I saw it. Studio....well that sounds like a place of inspiration to me! The pics of the cabin are great. So, the leaves are turning? They are here also.

Take Care,