Happy Day

We spent our final night of the season at the cabin last night. Today, we got it ready for winter, and closed it up. We already had snow up there a week ago, so it was time.

Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and it's looking pretty bare up there.

After leaving the cabin, we stopped at my favorite antique shop in Midway, for one last shopping trip. I found a few pretty linen pieces, two pairs of earrings, and some vintage post cards.

I scanned the post cards, so those of you who may be interested in using them in your artwork, are welcome to do so.

Tonight, Drew took me out to dinner for my birthday, (not actually celebrating it, hoping I won't age anymore) and we decided to take Brand and Travis (sons) with us, since it is their birthdays too.
It was a great day!
Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

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Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Beautiful finds! Love anything vintage and PINK! My fav postcard is the little black and white image of the girl. . . so charming! Thanks for stopping by to see my shabby white piano!