Happy Monday!

After spending the whole weekend moving furniture and working on wallpaper, I woke up pretty tired this morning. While saying my good mornings to Molly and Sugar, our dogs, I stumbled to the livingroom and opened the blinds. And Hello!! This package was hanging on the mailbox!

It's from Katie's Rose Cottage. This is the first time I've ordered from her...and I will definitely be back!

When I opened the box and saw this lovely view, I had to run for my camera. Lots of pretty pink tissue paper and a sweet paper rose. Anybody who knows me well, knows I LOVE pink!

After pulling out a few sheets of tissue paper, this is what I found. My purchase all wrapped up and tied with a pretty pink seam binding bow. I don't know about anybody else, but when I get something that has been put together this pretty, I am head over heels!

And finally, THIS! Ahhhhhh! I am SO excited! Three pretty little vintage hot pad holders and the most beautiful, crocheted pillow case end I have ever seen!

Now this, is how I like to wake up! Happy Monday!!


Stephanie said...

I'm green with envy!! These doilies are so pretty! If I would admit to collecting anything...it would be my doilies.

Congrats on finishing the wallpaper...that sounds like a hard job.


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Thank you so much for the sweet comments on your blog about your package ! I am so happy that you were happy with it ~