Can't Stop Playing!

Darn it!! I've got things to do (like go to bed, for one) and I can't stop playing with this Scrapblog site!

Have a terrific Thursday!


Cool Discovery!

I just discovered this cool site! It's called Scrapblog...you can access all kinds of fun backgrounds, stickers, embellishments, etc. to dress up your pictures, make scrap pages, etc. You've gotta try it out! I had fun making this little diddy above.


Around The House

I decided to do a scrapbook page with the cute pics of Molly looking at herself in the mirror. But, I'm having trouble getting a creative thought in my head. So it's still sitting on my table unfinished.

Dh and I bought this cabinet/hutch several years ago. I like the cabinet but never did like the color, so I was going to paint it. It's taken me all this time to finally decide that I want to paint it white.

So, here is the cabinet finally finished, now I just need to get the hutch done. I'm moving like a snail on this project, but hope to have it done before the week is over.

These are pictures of our master bedroom. It's one of my favorite rooms in the house. I love the wall color, which is Olympic 'Plantation Moss'. It's very soft and soothing.

But my favorite thing in the room is our headboard, which is an old, chippy door we found in a vintage shop a few years ago.

This is dh's dresser. I love this piece. We bought it new, but have had it for so long, it is now vintage! I think we're getting old!

I love my dresser and the chair next to it. They both belonged to my mother-in-law, who passed away three years ago. They are very special pieces to me.
Well, that's my little home tour for today!


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Dh and I were in the livingroom talking, when we noticed that our sweet little Molly had caught sight of herself in the mirror, for the first time. She actually did a double take!

And then, she must have liked what she saw, because she laid down and stayed there for a few minutes. Long enough for me to actually leave the room and come back with the camera!

Anyone who says dogs are stupid or don't have feelings, has never really lived with one!

Have a great day...and take time to see the little things.

Scrapbooking Day

I've been a little less tired today so I decided to have a scrapbooking day. I made this book for my husband. Here are just a few of the pages.

Well, it's after 3 am...stayed up a little too late. Better go to bed!
Have a sweet Thursday!


Hi There!

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately. Very tired most of the time, and having a hard time doing much.

Hoping to have myself going very soon. I've got a million things I want to do!

Have a great week!


Random Stuff

I've been a bad blogger. Note to self: do better.

I'm in the mood to make Valentine decorations. I have a few other fun projects to do this week, and I'm hoping to find time in between to do some Valentines.

I've been busy trying to catch up on my 'Life Well Crafted' class projects. Having lots of fun with that. I used a Bo Bunny Bare Naked 9 x 9 binder, and I love working with this size.

This is the first page in my book. We're using these fun Bo Bunny 'My Big Fat Word' pages that are arrow shaped.

And this is the next two pages. I'm having fun with this project!

Had a fun day with dh yesterday. All but the part where I had a doctor's appt. I mean, who loves that? We went to lunch, did some grocery shopping, (I know, I'm easily entertained) and we went to one of my fave stores, Taipan Trading. WooHoo!! I bought a few more cute pink dishes to go with the ones my daughter and son-in-law gave me for Christmas.
Hope you had a fun weekend too!


Junkin' and Paintin'

Yesterday, my sister and I spent the afternoon junkin'. We went to a couple of local thrift stores and left with some fun finds.

This adorable cabinet was my best acquisition of the day. WooHoo!! I had so much fun going through the house last night, gathering dishes to put in it. Thanks for an amazingly fun day Cindy!

This mirror belonged to my husband's uncle, and I am so happy to have it in our home now. It has a beautiful frame, but I think the finish is U.G.L.Y.!!!

So today, I'm painting it white and then I'll do a little distressing on it.

I can't wait to get it finished...it's going to be so pretty!
I'm going to spend the rest of the night doing some work on my 'Life Well Crafted' projects.


Simple Things

A quick, easy dinner...Law and Order on the tv...watching the dogs play...talking...laughing, enjoying a quiet, restful evening at home with my family. I love the simple things.


Good Day...Bad Day!

Is it possible to have a good day and a bad day all in the same day? Because that's where I am.

I spent the day cleaning the house, which always makes me feel good. I love it when everything is all clean and shiny. And I should get extra points because I even cleaned the bathroom!! Then I cooked a nice roast dinner for my family.

So after doing all that I decided I deserved to spend some time in my studio, doing something really fun. But, the project I'm working on is just not turning out the way I want it. I've done it twice now, and I still don't like it. I'm feeling really frustrated.

Okay, on to happier things. My dh built this simple ladder style frame so I can display some of my favorite linens and doilies. It makes me happy!

I'm having fun working on Project 365. I didn't get the kit (for those of you who are familiar with this) but I'm making my own, and really liking it. I just hope I can keep up with remembering to take a picture every day.

This is going to be one of the funnest scrapbooks I've made yet. It will be cool to have every day of the year recorded.
I'm going back to my troublesome project now. It will not win. I won't quit until it turns out right.
Have a great week!


A Fun Project!

I'm excited about a new project I've started! I'm taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, taught by Kolette Hall. I just LOVE her classes!! The class is called 'A Life Well Crafted'.

I've started working on a small scrapbook, for the class, called 'Attributes'. I decided instead of buying a scrapbook, I would make my own using this cool idea I got from Janet at It's All In The Details.

I started with an old book. Using my craft knife, I carefully cut the inside of the book away from the cover.

Then I painted the outside of the cover with acrylics. You can leave the cover as is, if you like it, or even cover it with paper or fabric.

Then I glued a piece of patterned paper in the center. Using a Tim Holtz mask, and stamping ink, I added a design to the cover. This was my first time using a mask, and I have to say, I LOVE, LOVE them!!

I picked coordinating papers and cut them to fit the inside of the cover. I attached them to the book using decoupage.

Then I decoupaged over the whole inside of the cover...

...and the outside of the cover. I like to do this because it adds a little bit of sheen and also helps to protect it.
I placed a binder mechanism, which I purchased from Janet, (above) where I wanted it, and punched through the spine with a piercing tool. Then I made the holes bigger using a hole punching tool.

The binder mechanism kit came with this fun little loop that attaches to the cover. You can decorate the spine by adding tags, etc.

And voila!! I have a fun new scrapbook to add my pages to!

I am also working on Project 365. I am taking a picture a day for the entire year! I'm very excited about this project too.

Hope you're doing something you love this week!


Sweet Simple Pleasures

Right now, I'm taking a break, and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in my new pretty pink cup. My daughter and her husband gave me four cups and four bowls for Christmas. And of course, they're in my favorite color!

I love seeing them through the cupboard door every time I walk through the kitchen.

Our days weave together
the simple pleasures of daily life,
which we should never take for granted.
-A. S. Byatt


Too Tired To Think of a Title

Yesterday was a very productive day. First, I played with some Martha Stewart glitter that I just bought...decided to use it on my word for the year. So after choosing the chipboard letters I wanted to use, I just covered the letters with a light coat of glue and sprinkled on the glitter. Then I attached the letters to my inspiration window.

I love how pretty the blue looks with my pinks.

Every year, when I take down the Christmas decorations, I feel the need to do a good cleaning, and rearrange the furniture. This year was no exception, so I started with the man cave, and I'm working my way through the house.

I also treated myself to a semi-short trip out, for some retail therapy at Michaels, where I found this.

So I did this for the livingroom.
Today, I have been working on rearranging the livingroom, and spent some time (quite a bit actually) talking to my sister Cindy about all the fun projects we're starting.