Feeling Inspired

I love this picture...it makes me want to bake something today! I just love Susan Branch! Every time I visit her site, I want to bake something or decorate something. She is just so inspiring!

And speaking of being inspired, I finally got all my Christmas decorations down and packed away last night. Now, I'm in the mood to clean and rearrange everything! I also have a cabinet that I want to paint. I bought it about four years ago, but didn't really like the color. But...I couldn't decide what color to paint it until now. I'm going to paint it white!

So, I'm really excited to get going on everything today! But, I'm thinking that I may need to make a little detour to Michael's first. I need a little retail therapy!

Hope you're feeling inspired to do something fun this week!

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Deb said...

I'm a Susan Branch fan too! And that apple/cranberry recipe sounds delish :-) A little retail therapy @ Michael's sounds like a great idea - enjoy!