A Fun Project!

I'm excited about a new project I've started! I'm taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking, taught by Kolette Hall. I just LOVE her classes!! The class is called 'A Life Well Crafted'.

I've started working on a small scrapbook, for the class, called 'Attributes'. I decided instead of buying a scrapbook, I would make my own using this cool idea I got from Janet at It's All In The Details.

I started with an old book. Using my craft knife, I carefully cut the inside of the book away from the cover.

Then I painted the outside of the cover with acrylics. You can leave the cover as is, if you like it, or even cover it with paper or fabric.

Then I glued a piece of patterned paper in the center. Using a Tim Holtz mask, and stamping ink, I added a design to the cover. This was my first time using a mask, and I have to say, I LOVE, LOVE them!!

I picked coordinating papers and cut them to fit the inside of the cover. I attached them to the book using decoupage.

Then I decoupaged over the whole inside of the cover...

...and the outside of the cover. I like to do this because it adds a little bit of sheen and also helps to protect it.
I placed a binder mechanism, which I purchased from Janet, (above) where I wanted it, and punched through the spine with a piercing tool. Then I made the holes bigger using a hole punching tool.

The binder mechanism kit came with this fun little loop that attaches to the cover. You can decorate the spine by adding tags, etc.

And voila!! I have a fun new scrapbook to add my pages to!

I am also working on Project 365. I am taking a picture a day for the entire year! I'm very excited about this project too.

Hope you're doing something you love this week!


Lynn said...

Your scrapbook is wonderful! I really want to try this now, and the masks, well I have to find them somewhere, that is new to me too. Thank you for sharing all your techniques, it is always fun to see the process behind something :)

Clodie said...

Hi Debi!

I loved your scrapbook and the way that you made it. Creative and beautiful!

I was writing on my blog just now. Then at the top of it i clicked on "next blog" and found yours.

So I've just discovered we are neighbors here.


Have a supercolourful week!

A hug!