Look at this beauty I bought for $1.00 from Scrapologie. I need to think of a really special project to use her on. Maybe a pretty journal!

I (heart) Life

I finally got my little book done for the Kolette Hall class I'm taking. The theme is 'I (heart) Life', and we're supposed to look for the hearts in our life.

I created my book using the Valentine Template Printables Kit from House of 3.

The book is filled with things I love.

I included my babies because their noses are shaped like hearts.

This was a really fun project. I love working on things that cause me to look at the things I love...it helps me to really appreciate all that I have in my life, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by a loving family.

Follow your Bliss!!


What's Wrong With Me?

Everywhere I go, people are talking about wanting spring to come. But, I'm still loving this (above) on my kitchen counter. What's wrong with me?

My sweet daughter went with me today, to my doctor's appointment and when we were finished there, we went to lunch, and then to my fave new little consignment shop. I had so much fun spending time with her!

I picked up this pretty bowl that I had been checking out last time I was there. I couldn't bring myself to leaving without it twice!

I also got these two little bowls that have such pretty roses on them.

Look how pretty they are!

And I could NOT pass up this little cutiepatoodie! I just LOVE the color.

When I got home, my order from Tiffany at Shabby Scraps Boutique was waiting for me. Love, love! I love ordering from her because she adds fun things to your order. I bought these pretty vintage flowers and she included flash cards and vintage wallpaper swatches. How fun! She has lots of wonderful things!
Have a great week, and create something wonderful!


Our Livingroom

This is my favorite room in our house. Our livingroom and kitchen are completely open to each other, so this is the heart of our home. It's a very small room that is overcrowded with things that I love. And that's the way I like it.

Have a fun weekend!


My Studio - Storage

One of my favorite things to do is looking at pics of other people's studios. I have spent over a decade designing, redesigning, creating, recreating, and assembling my studio. I am always on the lookout for better arrangement ideas and storage options to make the most of my little tiny space.

These pics show some of the ways I store my supplies. I have been told that I have alot of stuff...my husband teases that I could open my own scrapbook store! I will admit, I have spent alot of money on supplies and storage pieces. But, I have been collecting and gathering for years. And, I believe this to be an investment in the most valuable thing my family and I have...the preservation of our memories.

One of my favorite storage items is my 12 x 12 plastic drawers, bought at Walmart. Because I can see through the fronts of the drawers, it makes it easy to find what I'm looking for.
I store my stamps, chipboard, tags, stickers, embellishments, etc. in the drawers. I also store my paper scraps (by color) this way.

Under my big, pink work table, which my husband built for me, are the paper racks (also built by dh) that hold all of my 12 x 12 paper, both cardstock and patterned. On the wall, I have a big rack that holds all of my stamping pads. (again, built by dh) Don't know what I'd do without him.

I have four cabinets, (bought at Home Depot) which are stacked on the floor, that hold alot of my stuff. This one is my ribbon/flower cabinet. I have ribbon in jars, (Walmart) and spool ribbon in little wooden boxes (Walmart) and a metal rack (thrift store). I also have flowers stored in this cabinet.

This cabinet holds my chipboard letters, buttons (on the left door), brads, eyelets, etc.

My chipboard letters are stored alphabetically, by letter, in little plastic drawers (Walmart), and my small embellishments are in watchmaker boxes (bought on line).

Both bottom cabinets, house my kids' scrapbooks, extra photos, and misc. supplies.

Behind the door, I lay my paints in little wooden boxes, so I can see the colors easier. And on the back of the door, is a plastic shoe bag? that holds cartridges for my Cricut, and misc tools.
If you have any great storage ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Have a wonderful weekend!

In My Studio

Here's another one of my fun finds from my junkin' trip with my sister. It's so sweet, I love it!

The other day, my dd told me that I need to include, on my blog, pics that show more of my rooms instead of just close ups of the contents of the room. Because I change my rooms around alot...she says.
So, since I was playing in my studio most of the day, I decided to start there.

Someone asked me recently, if my table is always so tidy while I'm creating. The answer is...NO. This is what it usually looks like, and sometimes it's worse! I often find myself dragging out so much stuff, that eventually I'm working on top of a pile. Of course, then I have to stop and do some clean up before I can go on.

This is the project I'm working on right now, for the Kolette Hall class. I'm having so much fun with it...hope to have it done soon.
That's all for today...it's 1:30 a.m. so I should probably start thinking about maybe going to bed soon.
Have a fabulous Friday!!


Fun Junkin' Finds

I'm having a hard time trying to get good pictures this week. It was rainy and yucky again today.

Anyway, these two cute bird cages are from my Friday shopping trip with my sister. They're new, and I just love them.

Here are some of the other fun finds from our shopping trip.

I REALLY love this milk glass dish!

I think this little pitcher is my favorite find though. Love, love!!
I've been working on a fun little project today from the online class I'm taking with Kolette Hall. I'll have pics soon, I hope.


Valentine Roses

Had a wonderful day on Friday! My sister Cindy and I, spent the day junkin'. Found some fun things. We also discovered a great consignment shop! New, vintage, and antique items! And, it's close to my house...the budget is in trouble now!

When I got home, dh had fixed dinner and there were roses, both pink and red, waiting for me! Sometimes, he can be such a sweetie!

As soon as I can get some decent lighting and get good pics, I'll share some of my fun junkin' finds.

Have a great Monday!


Nothin' Sweet As Sugar

This is my other baby, Sugar. She is almost 11 years old, and has lived with us since she was just 3 months old. Our youngest son Shane, named her Sugar because he said she was 'as sweet as sugar'. So true.

As you can see, she is a real party girl. Loves to join in when company comes and really loves birthday parties because they mean cake and ice cream!

She is the perfect dog because she pretty much trained herself. My husband and I are kinda lazy when it comes to stuff like that!

We have bells hanging on the back door, which she jingles when she needs to go out.

She is the best companion, and sooooo very sweet and loveable.

Here are a few pics from my kitchen...one of my fav rooms...even though I don't cook much anymore!

I'm back to cleaning...or maybe I'll just play!
Enjoy your Thursday!