Blogging Without Obligation

I recently saw this idea, Blogging without Obligation, on LeTemps Jadis. I like it!

I've started putting pressure on myself to blog everyday...but of course, that just doesn't happen. And the more pressure I apply, the less I actually blog. Then, I feel guilty because I didn't post. So, starting today, I'm going to participate in Blogging Without Obligation:

* because I don't always have something to say.

* because I want blogging to be fun...not a chore.

* because sometimes less is more.

* because for me, like so many others, blogging is a hobby. It's a way to share things that make me feel happy, and inspired...and to connect with others who share the same passions.

Happy Blogging!


Lynn said...

I agree, totally. No use feeling pressure to blog each day, just do it when you feel like it or want to, or like you said, when you have something to say :)
I have seen some tag free zone buttons too on some blogs, and I really don't enjoy tags, so I am thinking I will get one. It's your blog and you want to feel comfortable here :)

Marianne said...

I felt like that too before I found the button on another blog. I blog about 2 times a week, I don't have time for more. Sometimes it is more, sometimes less. I agree with Lynn, it's your blog!
Thanks for the link!


thanks for the link!