Molly & my Studio

For those of you who have not already met her, this is my baby Molly. She joined our family when she was just three months old, and secured her place in our hearts from the get go.

She is now almost two years old, and continues to amaze and entertain us daily. She has learned the sound of an M&M's bag, and can hear it from anywhere in the house. She also knows that treats come from the store, recognizes the store, and when we get home from the store, she wants her treat Now!

She also loves to pose for the camera. When she saw me taking pics today, she came and posed for the pic above.

From the very beginning, Molly has been my little shadow. She likes to stay with me when I'm in my studio...

...and has always been very comfy in there!

Tonight, she was trying to be in two places at the same time; in my studio with me, and in the bedroom with dh. (I don't know why I got the butt end)
Not as cute as Molly, but here are a few pics of my studio.

From Molly and me, have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Lynn said...

Molly is beautiful and I know what you mean about being your shadow, my new puppy has to be with all the time and before him we had a golden retriever for 11years who was just the same, they just make a home complete somehow :)
Nice collage of your studio, hope to see more of it at some point.