What's Wrong With Me?

Everywhere I go, people are talking about wanting spring to come. But, I'm still loving this (above) on my kitchen counter. What's wrong with me?

My sweet daughter went with me today, to my doctor's appointment and when we were finished there, we went to lunch, and then to my fave new little consignment shop. I had so much fun spending time with her!

I picked up this pretty bowl that I had been checking out last time I was there. I couldn't bring myself to leaving without it twice!

I also got these two little bowls that have such pretty roses on them.

Look how pretty they are!

And I could NOT pass up this little cutiepatoodie! I just LOVE the color.

When I got home, my order from Tiffany at Shabby Scraps Boutique was waiting for me. Love, love! I love ordering from her because she adds fun things to your order. I bought these pretty vintage flowers and she included flash cards and vintage wallpaper swatches. How fun! She has lots of wonderful things!
Have a great week, and create something wonderful!

1 comment:

Stephenie said...

Nothings wrong with you. I love hot chocolate too.
I just love all your finds... I often find myself seeing something in a store,(don't buy it). Then when I get home, all I do is think about it. So, I make a trip back to the store and buy it.
Love the Millinery Flowers!