Whimsical Pom Pom Garland

Here's a sweet project...I had so much fun making this last night!

I saw this cute idea on Heather Bullard's blog....she got the idea from Pam Garrison.

I went to town gathering cupcake papers, coffee filters, vintage sheet music, tissue paper, quilted fabric, tulle, and tissue paper garland. You can add anything you like to this project.
I cut my tissue paper, etc. into, not so perfect circles, and cut a piece of string the length I wanted my garland.

Thread a large needle with the string. Then I simply gathered my pieces together and sewed the string through the center. When I had the pom pom where I wanted it on the string, I added hot glue to the center and added a piece of tissue paper garland. I did this on each side. It holds the pom poms from sliding, and looks cute too.

My string was about 7-8 feet long and my pom poms are about 6-8 inches apart. I used 10 pom poms. You can make these little cuties any length you want, using as many pom poms as you want.

This was a super fun project!! I just may have to make more of these!
I'm off to go junkin' with my sister Cindy today!
Do something today that makes you happy!!


Thank You!

I want to start this post by saying Thank You!! to everyone who visits my blog...and for your lovely comments! You always make my day with your sweet words!

I have had so much fun here in blogland...visiting everyone else's blogs, and being inspired by pictures of your beautiful homes, amazing art, and your always creative ideas.

I appreciate all of you for making me feel so welcome...and for brightening my day!

Yesterday, my sweet hubby built this little cabinet for my studio. 'Cause ya know, you always need more places to store stuff!

I painted all of the edges with black acrylic paint, then rubbed over the dry paint with an old candle.

Then, I put two coats of satin finish latex paint over the whole thing. When the paint was dry, but before it was set, I lightly sanded the places where I wanted the black to show through. Rubbing the candle over the edges makes it easier to sand off the finish paint.
I decoupaged the back with this beautiful Melissa Francis paper.

And, look at these adorable vintage wood thread spools!! I got them from the $5.00 French Market. They come with different laces, fabric ribbons, etc. I have already placed an order for five more of these beauties. I am so loving this place, because everything in their shop is $5. Check it out.
Have a beautiful week!


From My Front Door

Yesterday, I painted the front door pink!! *squeal* The hubs finally gave in!

This is what the view from my front door looked like while I was painting.

This is the view from my front door today!

Ahhhhh, spring!
Have a lovely Sunday!


Hey! It's Me, Molly!

My mom's too tired to post tonight, so I thought I'd show you some of MY favorite things. This is my yellow blankie...I like to sleep with it, and bring it to my mom to say good morning!

This is my red baby and my soccer ball. I like to keep my toys all over the house because you never know when you're gonna need one in a hurry!

Hey, another baby and my little ball! (oops, don't tell my mom I used a picture that shows her dirty floor)

Here I am snuggling with my daddy....

...and with my mommy! She's somewhere under me!

And, since this IS my mom's blog, I'll show you a few pretty rooms. She would say that she likes them because of the beautiful whites with soft accents of color.

But me?

I like them because all the windows are low enough for me to look outside!

Images are from Country Living Magazine
Uh, I think I hear my mom. I better go! See ya!


Come With Me To Martha's Vineyard

I've had such fun lately, looking at pictures of Martha's Vineyard. I have never been there, but have now told dh that I must go. I thought we'd go on a virtual trip and check out some of the beautiful sites. My faves of course, being the houses! So here we go!

(Pics in mosaics were found at tripadvisor.com)

(houses were found on flickr)

Well, the sun is setting and it's time to end our trip. *sigh*
Wouldn't this be a beautiful site while sitting on the shore? I hope one day I find out.
Have a fun Friday!


This 'n That

Awhile back, I found this shutter at the thrift shop...I think I paid $1. Yesterday, I decided to pull it out and do something with it.

So, I painted it white and then put a wash on it using a light brown acrylic paint mixed with water. Then, wiped away the excess until it was where I liked it.

Then using a couple of printed images, a tea-stained hankie and lace, decals, paper flowers, and a couple of vintage jewelry pieces, I dressed it up.

Country Living

Here are a few pretty images I found online to share with you. They are so pretty!

Country Living

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens


Come back tomorrow...
I'm planning a little trip to Martha's Vineyard!
Have a wonderful day!