Come With Me To Martha's Vineyard

I've had such fun lately, looking at pictures of Martha's Vineyard. I have never been there, but have now told dh that I must go. I thought we'd go on a virtual trip and check out some of the beautiful sites. My faves of course, being the houses! So here we go!

(Pics in mosaics were found at tripadvisor.com)

(houses were found on flickr)

Well, the sun is setting and it's time to end our trip. *sigh*
Wouldn't this be a beautiful site while sitting on the shore? I hope one day I find out.
Have a fun Friday!


Pam said...

Yep, a shame it had to end, but then there's always the next one! lol. Thanks for the trip.

Joan said...

Come and enjoy MV via my blog.. I LOVE the Vineyard and have been going there all my life. And yes, YOU MUST visit it :)

LillySue said...

Wow- I could SO fit in there! That must be why Susan Branch's books are so fun.....she has lots of inspiration! Thanks for the tour!
Blessings- LillySue

Utah Grammie said...

I will take ANY of those houses! Beautiful photos and I LOVE New England! (only been there a couple of times - but fell in love with the place and the people)

Stephenie said...

I just loved everyone of those houses. Thats the sad part about going away, It always comes to an end, but the good thing is you got alot of amazing pictures capturing the beauty...

Stephanie said...

I've heard of Martha's Vineyard before, but I knew nothing about it. Thanks for the tour! Wow, it looks like an amazing place.

Your shutter turned out beautifully.....I want one!!!