Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Today is Stephanie's big, wonderful 50th birthday! So, I decided to have a virtual birthday celebration for her....starting with some beautiful spring flowers.

From there, I thought it would be fun to spend some time at the flea market. Let's see what fun things we can find!

Lots of jewelry! She likes jewelry!

Uh oh, I could be in trouble here!

Ooooooo, ahhhhhhh!!!

I see trouble again!! But my feet are killing me, so let's move on.

I found this pretty tea room in Pleasanton, California....it's called The English Rose. Let's go in.

Oooooooo, look how pretty it is!

Simply scrumptious!

Everything is so pretty and cozy!
Let's finish our celebration with cake!
Happy Birthday Stephanie!!
Stephanie was the first person to follow my blog...and I've enjoyed getting to know more about her. Thanks Stephanie! I hope your birthday is wonderful!
Hugs, Debi


Pam said...

How beautiful was that??? Would be so precious to sit and while away a few hours!!!! in a Tea Room like that. (((sigh)))

Forever Vintage said...

What a pretty tea room..I would love to spend my birthday with you!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderfull flea market,,wonderfull pictures all around,,those linnens/quilts were especially nice.

Utah Grammie said...

Oh Happy 50th Stephanie! The next 50 will be easier, I promise!

Where oh where is that lovely flea market?! Tell me it's somewhere in Salt Lake?? Probably not..but I do wish :-)

Have a great day to you and to Stephanie :-)

Debi said...

Debi dear,
I love your blog dear, How special!!
Thank you for stopping by mine for a wonderful visit!!
I love to see that someone else has the same name, even spelled the same. I have added you to the list of blogs that I follow!!!
I hope Stepanie had a very special b-day!!
And that flea market!! I would love to visit that one!!! My hubby is going to California for my b-day week (lol, that just doesn't seem right) I may have to see if I can tag along to see if I can check that one out!!! I have to find out where he is going to stay...
I hope your having a wonderfully blessed day dear.
Debi xoxo

Stephanie said...

Hi Debi,

Oh my goodness....I can't even tell you how much your post touched my heart. I just popped in to check my email before bed and saw your comment. I was blown away when I saw your Virtual Birthday for me...WoW!! It was the PERFECT ending to a PERFECT Day!! This is why I love your blog sooo much....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Stephenie said...

That was such a fun post!!!! There was just so many beautiful things..Happy 50th Birthday Stephanie!!!!!