Let's Go Outside!

I finished my spring banner last night and I've been trying to get glitter off me ever since. I think I need to just get in the shower! Anyway, I had fun doing it and I'm pleased with how it turned out!

(It sure is hard to get good pictures in the house when it's grey and gloomy outside.)
I don't know what it's like where you are, but it's 42 degrees here...so how 'bout if we head outside and check out some pretty gardens!





Country Living Magazine

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Hey, I feel better now! I think I'm going to enlarge these pictures and hang them on my fence! hehehe!
Have a beautiful day!


Stephanie said...

I just LOVE your banner! I'm of a mind to drop everything and go make one!! This thought comes to mind after I just had a stern talk with myself about finishing those projects I have started. What can I say? It's that crafting A D D again!!

Shabby Kim said...

Your banner turned out just beautiful. Great job!!. Thanks for taking us on that lovely walk outside. Weather here where I live in Minnesota is very wet and gloomy today as well. It's very depressing so it's always nice to see pictures of the pretty outdoors. Have a great week.

Utah Grammie said...

You got me again! I thought "where is she now? It's freezing here!" Too funny!

The banner you made is beautiful - and it looks perfect where you displayed it :-)

Lynn said...

I can only dream right now too about pretty flowers in my garden, it is -8c here today, not nice :( At least we didn't get snow like you did, but there is still time.
Your banner is beautiful, so glad you had fun making it :)

Pam said...

A very pretty banner Debi. Especially like the vintage photo(?) of the young girl.

Here in the south-east corner of Queensland Australia it's lovely weather, if a little overcast every now and then. The temps are just starting to lower for Autumn. Sorry to rub it in. :) But it's so nice not to be as hot anymore.

Stephenie said...

I just love your banner...You did an amazing job... I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers..I'm so glad winter is over...