Thank You!

I want to start this post by saying Thank You!! to everyone who visits my blog...and for your lovely comments! You always make my day with your sweet words!

I have had so much fun here in blogland...visiting everyone else's blogs, and being inspired by pictures of your beautiful homes, amazing art, and your always creative ideas.

I appreciate all of you for making me feel so welcome...and for brightening my day!

Yesterday, my sweet hubby built this little cabinet for my studio. 'Cause ya know, you always need more places to store stuff!

I painted all of the edges with black acrylic paint, then rubbed over the dry paint with an old candle.

Then, I put two coats of satin finish latex paint over the whole thing. When the paint was dry, but before it was set, I lightly sanded the places where I wanted the black to show through. Rubbing the candle over the edges makes it easier to sand off the finish paint.
I decoupaged the back with this beautiful Melissa Francis paper.

And, look at these adorable vintage wood thread spools!! I got them from the $5.00 French Market. They come with different laces, fabric ribbons, etc. I have already placed an order for five more of these beauties. I am so loving this place, because everything in their shop is $5. Check it out.
Have a beautiful week!


Pam said...

You've done such a great job on those shelves Debi! Love the look of them.
Btw, I found a small louvred door (which looks much like your shutter) in amongst "stuff" under our house the other day, and was inspired to create something similar to yours. Will post a pic when I finally get around to doing it! :)

Elyse said...

GASP! i LOVE this. thank you for sharing details. i am also loving your blog and am adding you to my list!

this is really a fantastic project. inspiring!!!


Elyse said...

hi again,

could i please ask where you found the paper? i love it. i have been searching online and can't seem to find it. if you could help with any details, i would so appreciate it. i really love what you have made.

thanks so much!


LillySue said...

What a BEAUTIFUL project, I would have it full in about 3 minutes!! I hope you made hubby his favorite dessert!!
BLessings- LillySue

Utah Grammie said...

You have a real talent for aging your pieces - I love this! I will have to follow your instructions - and your hubby's a woodworker too?! Mine too :-) Aren't we fortunate? Thanks also for the link - I've not been to that site previously. Have a great day and let's hope the evening snow isn't too bad :-)

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