Whimsical Pom Pom Garland

Here's a sweet project...I had so much fun making this last night!

I saw this cute idea on Heather Bullard's blog....she got the idea from Pam Garrison.

I went to town gathering cupcake papers, coffee filters, vintage sheet music, tissue paper, quilted fabric, tulle, and tissue paper garland. You can add anything you like to this project.
I cut my tissue paper, etc. into, not so perfect circles, and cut a piece of string the length I wanted my garland.

Thread a large needle with the string. Then I simply gathered my pieces together and sewed the string through the center. When I had the pom pom where I wanted it on the string, I added hot glue to the center and added a piece of tissue paper garland. I did this on each side. It holds the pom poms from sliding, and looks cute too.

My string was about 7-8 feet long and my pom poms are about 6-8 inches apart. I used 10 pom poms. You can make these little cuties any length you want, using as many pom poms as you want.

This was a super fun project!! I just may have to make more of these!
I'm off to go junkin' with my sister Cindy today!
Do something today that makes you happy!!


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Love the Garland Debi. Its very cute!!

Utah Grammie said...

That's is soo cute! I love that you added all sorts of items , coffee filters, cupcake liners, etc. Darling!

My Cottage Dream said...

Oh my gosh that is to cute!!

Viola said...

So cute! And I love your cupboard!! :o)