Project Procrastinators Party - Before Photos

I'm joining the Project Procrastinators Party at The Inspired Room. The project I have chosen is our food pantry, located in the basement. I have made several 'starts' at getting this room done, but can't seem to go all the way.

Hopefully, this party will give me the boost I need to finally get the job done! I will post my 'after' pictures on May 14.
If you have a project you can't seem to get finished, go on over to The Inspired Room and join the party!


A Beautiful Place

I spent the day in one of the most beautiful places I know. The home of Cindy and Keith, my sister and brother-in-law. Their home is clean and beautifully decorated, but what makes it truly beautiful is the love that abounds within its walls.

Their home is comfortable, cozy, and always welcoming.

They are two of the most amazing people I know. They recently purchased a new home so they could move our elderly father in with them. They have given him his own bedroom, bathroom, and a separate room for his computer equipment. They have incorporated some of his furnishings and belongings into their space to make it feel like it is also his home.

I don't think they will ever know how much I truly appreciate and love them for what they are doing. They inspire me to be a better person and I am better for having them in my life.
I love you Cindy and Keith.
And....today is Cindy's birthday....
To my sister, my best friend, my junkin' buddy,
and the most wonderful woman I know....
Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday, Shane!

This is my youngest, my baby...he is 23 today. He doesn't like it when I call him my baby...sorry Shane. At about 6'4'', he's changed a little since this picture was taken...but he's still gorgeous!

Happy Birthday, Shane!


Just An Average Saturday

Thought I'd start off by showing you my pink doors...this is the one on the front of the house...

...and this is the kitchen door, but the lighting isn't very good. I love my cute screen door that I got this year.

And look! The very first flower to bloom in my backyard! I planted two bleeding hearts thirteen years ago, for my daughter's garden wedding. Every year, they have come back, more beautiful than before...until this year. Only one has returned. *sniffle*

Today, hubby and I ran errands, and while we were out, stopped by an antique shop. (On State Street, in Murray, Colleen) I had seen this old ledger a few weeks ago, but didn't buy it. When we went back today, it was 50% off. WooHoo!

Look how old it is.

I also found these pretty vintage earrings with tiny rhinestones around the edges. I thought they would be great on a project. If you're the first to leave a comment on this post, I'll send them to you. E-mail me your address.

Also found another old photo. I scanned it in so you can save it.
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Sweet Tweet Swap

I'm joining the Sweet Tweet Swap hosted by Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven. I'm excited...I think it's going to be fun. If you'd like to join, hurry on over....the number of participants will be limited.


A Fun Little Project

I love these wood frames with the wide border....they're so much fun to doll up.

A vintage doilie and paper roses....

...beautiful vintage lace found at the antique shop....

....and the tag was made using embossing powder. It was a fun little project.
Now onto something less fun....need to vacuum. :(


Still Painting

Now that I started painting, I can't seem to stop! Today, I'm painting my little 'milk can'. It's actually one of those cans you get popcorn in at Christmas time.

I decoupaged it with some paper lace and, you guessed it, Wallies.

Now, it's sitting next to my rocker on the back porch as a little 'end table'. So I guess that's my 'green' 'end table'. You know....Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.

But.....here's the thing I'm most excited about! ELEVEN YEARS AGO, we added a large family room to our house....and today, I FINALLY painted the garden doors that lead from that family room to the back porch. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! (sometimes, I'm a little slow)
Hubby said I could paint them pink...but I decided to surprise him with green!
I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Painting Day

I worked on a couple of painting projects today. My hubby built this box for me years ago, it was stained and had apples painted on it...so I painted and distressed it to add to the back porch.

And for people like me, who wish they knew how to paint roses, but don't, Wallies are awesome!

I also repainted the frame from one of my grandma's paintings. It was a soft blue, which is too much blue for me. I painted it black, rubbed it with a candle, then painted it white and sanded the edges.

I think the painting looks even prettier in a white frame.

After I sanded it, I used my heat gun on it, which made the paint bubble up, giving it a chippy look.
Hope you're enjoying wonderful, warm weather where you are.


Playin' On The Porch

The weather here has been gorgeous! So nice and warm. Yesterday, hubby and I got the back porch all scrubbed and cleaned up.

I've had it decorated in Americana for a few years, but I'm changing it to cottage style.

I've still got alot to do...I'm going to make some seat cushions and pillows...got to get some flowers...etc.

Still moving things around, trying to decide exactly what I want....and having so much fun working outside.
Now I just need to get the inside of the house cleaned.


I Want Tulips

I am loving tulips so much right now. I've been online looking at different kinds.

And I can't believe some them...they are SO beautiful!

I think they are just so graceful and stunning.

All of these pictured here are the ones I've picked so far, that I want to order and plant this fall.


Junkin' Finds

Earlier this week, my sister and I went junkin'. I love our junkin' days...love spending time with her. We always have so much fun together!

I found this pretty embroidered pillow case, bottles, lace....

....doilies, crocheted trim....

....great old photos, more lace.....

....and this pretty spoon, and bracelet. It was a great day, lots of things to use in creating!

I scanned in the photos so you can print them to use.

Have a fabulous Friday!


I'm Going Blue

Today, I'm participating in the Etsy Cottage Style 'Blue Blog Party'. Be sure to visit the other sites who are participating...today is all about blue. Many thanks to the lovely Marcela, for hosting.

For those who know me, this will probably come as a surprise. I hope I don't upset any 'blue' people, but I had to look hard to find blue in my house. And I really do love blue. It is actually the color that I wear, most often, but my house is not decorated in blue.

So, here are my favorite blue things.

I don't have the saucer to this teacup, but it is my most fave blue possession.

I love my little blue angels. I got the first ones from my mil and have added a few since.

And, I love this old blue casserole dish.

Okay, that was fun! Now, I need to go look at some pink! *wink*