Cleaning Day

Today has been a day of catching up on my cleaning. It feels good to get that done! Taking a break, I found myself looking at these pretty photos.

photos from Country Living

For Easter dinner, I'm thinking pink roses on the table with my pretty china.


Utah Grammie said...

I love looking at your pictures - I keep an Inspiration book that I paste photos from Country Living, County Home (so sad they're gone!) as well as Home Companion (another sad departure) One I have gotten "into" lately is the British edition of Country Living - they have great large, heavier pages and it seems to have much more "meat" that ours.

Love the ones you have shared - into a folder on my computer for viewing later!

Lynn said...

I need to take a cleaning day too, and do some Spring cleaning, just waiting for a nice day when I can open all the windows :) Thanks for the pictures you shared, I always dream of a home like that.

Stephenie said...

Those really are pretty photos...I love the pink and the roses are beautiful...The rooms themselves are tdf...