I Think....Spring Is Here

For today anyway! My rose bushes are starting to get leaves on them...

...and green stuff is starting to pop up from the ground!

It's been so nice outside, a little chilly and a little windy, but nice just the same. I spent yesterday doing some cleaning up and pruning, and today I repainted my bench.

I painted it pink (surprise!) and then whitewashed it, and added some roses.
It'll be nice having the yard all cleaned up and looking pretty..... for the snow that is coming on Wednesday! :0


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Snow on Wednesday?? Oh boy!! We got clouds and rain... :(... I so want sunshine!!
PS Love the pink bench

LillySue said...

Yep, We've had snow flurries all day. I am seeing more birds at the pond though.....Love your bench!!

Elyse said...

debi you are so talented!!! the bench looks amazing and i love the pink eiffel tower in the garden.

i recently inherited some china, too. it's so pretty, just like yours.


Stephenie said...

OOOHHH!!! I just love your garden..It looks beautiful...You'll have to take a picture to when your roses bloom...I know it looks beautiful next to the pink bench, which I love..

Viola said...

Your bench looks so wonderful , Debi! And your pictures too!

kathy mc said...

love your pink eiffel tower!

Forever Vintage said...

Was your bench made from a headboard? I want to try and make one some weekend. It looks really pretty in pink.