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One Of Those Days

It's been one of those days. You know, when you don't feel good and can't get your butt up for anything.

I woke up with a bad headache and a sick stomach, and they've both lasted all day. So, even though the house is falling apart, I just couldn't get up and do anything about it. I watched tv all day and slept.

I did get a few more flowers planted tonight though...so I guess that's something.


From My Back Porch

I love sitting on my back porch, listening to the birds chirping and just plain relaxing. This is my view from my porch to my garden.

This is my cutie Wilbur, in his wagon. I'm a big 'Charlotte's Web' fan. Still need to find a pretty little Charlotte for him. And yes, Wilbur likes pink. hehehe!

Hubby and I went to the garden shop today and picked up some pretty flowers, so I've been working in the garden.

And, I found these cute, comfy shoes at walmart. I know, they would be cuter if my feet were twenty, but we decided a long time ago, to grow old together! hehehe!

Show Me Your Crown

How fun does this sound? Join Andrea at Vintage Bella Studio, and be queen for a day as you show us all your crown. Click the link to join the fun!


A Beau-tea-ful Giveaway

Katie at Rose Breeze Boutique is having a lovely giveaway. One lucky winner will receive one of her beautiful Paper 'China' Teacups. Go to her blog for the details.

Having a Good Laugh!

I just got back in town, and I have to share something with you.

A few days ago, I did this post about my sweet Molly and the baby bird. I was left an anonymous comment that said, 'What an outrage, you should have made her eat the bird!' The first time I read it, I laughed. But then, the more I read it, I took it to mean the writer thought we were hurting the bird.

While I was out of town, and could do nothing about my post, I found out that the anonymous commenter was my youngest son. He doesn't have a blog, so he could only leave the comment anonymously. He is my comedian and what he was commenting on is Molly's lack of 'bird dog' skills.

I appreciate all the sweet blog friends who came to my and Molly's defense with their comments. I have to say though, that knowing now who left the comment, I was laughing my butt off reading your comments.

I'm excited to be back home for three whole days....and hope to get lots accomplished!

I love and appreciate all of you who visit my blog and whenever I'm away, I Really MISS blogging! Have a great week!


Beautiful Images

I just had to share these beautiful images with you.

I'm always looking for pretties like these that I can use in my artwork....and I know I'm not the only one.

I discovered a lovely blog where you can get these images and soooo many more.

I got all of them at Shabby Chic Papirskatter. She has hundreds of the prettiest images. Check it out.


Beautiful Giveaway

LillySue at A Peace of Bliss is having a giveaway....and look what she's giving away! This beautiful vintage cake carrier. It's the most luscious color of pink with a gorgeous rose decal. Visit her blog for the details.


Our Bird Dog

For those of you who have not yet met her, this is my Molly. It was my hubby's dream to one day have a blonde lab and when we found her, he was so excited.

Now, he no longer hunts, but he wanted a hunting dog. A big, brave hunting dog.

Molly is afraid of motorcycles, skateboards and sleds. She pees when she is overly excited. She is also a lap dog....even though she weighs 100+lbs. She is a sweet, loveable baby who wears a pink collar.

And today, she found this in our backyard. A little baby bird, lost from it's nest.

And her mothering instincts kicked in. She layed down by the bird as if to protect and care for it.

Yep, my hubby is so thrilled to finally have his dream bird dog. hehehe!
Edited to add: I got a nasty comment about this post. (my first)
And I just want to say, my dog did not attack this bird. She found it hopping in the grass and pointed it out to my hubby and me. She was trying to protect it. After quickly taking a few pics, my hubby returned the bird to it's nest.
I have left the nasty comment...maybe someone else can understand what the 'anonymous' commenter meant because I don't. Why would I make my dog eat the bird?
And why is it that when people leave nasty comments, they don't have the balls to use their own name?

Teacup Fantasies

I'm at my dad's right now, so I'm just passing time on the computer while he sleeps. I found these beautiful teacups on flickr, so I thought I'd share them with you. I really want this first one!

And this one too.

Oh yeah, and this one.

And these are soooo cute and sweet.

Love the Pink!

And this one with the pretty lady........well, I guess I just really want them all!

Hubby and I are leaving for our cabin tomorrow, so I will be taking a break for the next several days. I hope you all have a wonderful loooooong weekend.


My Sweet Tooth Is Calling

I enjoy occasional sweets as much as the next person...

But lately, I've been Craving them....

....can't get enough of them....

....would trade my meals for them....

....but I'm working hard to resist them. (sometimes!)

This post is my no-calorie treat for the day!

(these lovely photos are from flickr)


More Ribbonwork

While I was staying with my dad last week, I spent alot of time working on ribbon flowers.

But, since I got home, I haven't been able to do any because I've been trying to get caught up on things here, before I head back out to stay with my dad again. I'm leaving tomorrow.

So I'll be working on flowers again.

I'm just having so much fun with them...I am definitely hooked!
I've had several questions about making ribbon flowers. I am learning how to do this from the book, here in this post. It is so easy to read and has wonderful photos. I got it on Amazon, and it was worth every penny! (but it wasn't expensive)