Our Bird Dog

For those of you who have not yet met her, this is my Molly. It was my hubby's dream to one day have a blonde lab and when we found her, he was so excited.

Now, he no longer hunts, but he wanted a hunting dog. A big, brave hunting dog.

Molly is afraid of motorcycles, skateboards and sleds. She pees when she is overly excited. She is also a lap dog....even though she weighs 100+lbs. She is a sweet, loveable baby who wears a pink collar.

And today, she found this in our backyard. A little baby bird, lost from it's nest.

And her mothering instincts kicked in. She layed down by the bird as if to protect and care for it.

Yep, my hubby is so thrilled to finally have his dream bird dog. hehehe!
Edited to add: I got a nasty comment about this post. (my first)
And I just want to say, my dog did not attack this bird. She found it hopping in the grass and pointed it out to my hubby and me. She was trying to protect it. After quickly taking a few pics, my hubby returned the bird to it's nest.
I have left the nasty comment...maybe someone else can understand what the 'anonymous' commenter meant because I don't. Why would I make my dog eat the bird?
And why is it that when people leave nasty comments, they don't have the balls to use their own name?


Anonymous said...

This is an outrage, you should have made her eat the bird!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

LOL...Debi, no where in the pictures do I see the dog eating the bird. Its so clear to me shes being very gentle and keeping distance. I actually thought the pictures were cute.
PS Don't understand what the outrage is!!?

Lisa said...

I totally don't get it. Neither the bird or the dog look upset. She looks so sweet checking out the birdy! YES if you are going to say somthing nasty Say who you are. DO they think the dog would understand you were punishing it if it ate it??? Or would you be teaching your dog to eat birds. Does that person understand dogs at all??
I love your post! I also LOVE Molly (she picked me for your giveaway so we're great friends hehe) I'm sorry your sweet posr about your sweet dog was messed up!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

Katie said...

Oh don't even let that comment bother you. I would have just deleted it. Why on earth would someone want to have the dog eat the bird? The dog didn't bring the bird down out of its nest.

Sometimes you get people who just like to rile people up. Don't think twice.

I love the pictures. Did you see the pics on my blog from last spring/summer where the mama peahen and her babies got in with the goats? Oh Lucy was so sweet to them, little tiny things!

Utah Grammie said...

I'm just back for Colorado and had to comment - this is the most precious set of photos - and if anyone had a shred of brains,they could see the PROTECTION and curiosity the dog has for another creature - beautiful! Some people are a dumb as a bag of hair...

Mandi said...

What a loving girl Molly is! You can tell by the look on her face she is taking care not to get too close while she keeps an eye on the baby bird.

Thanks for sharing such a sweet story!

Stephanie said...

I think the photos are so sweet. What a sweet doggie. It's too bad that some nut job has to ruin it! I don't think that what they said even makes sense.
Take a deep breath and ignore that moron!