Studio Disaster

My studio has become such a disaster....I keep adding more and more to it, but don't have enough storage.

So, today I've been moving stuff around to make more space for all my stuff. Can't wait to get it all put back together and cleaned up.

Come back tomorrow...Andrea from Vintage Bella Studio is having the 'Show Me Your Crown' party.


Elyse said...

it still looks wonderful. i joke that i treat the closet in my girlie office like it is made of rubber -- i just keep fitting more and more things inside of it. then when it's time to make things the joke is on me because i have to remove stacks to get to things. one day i'll get more organized. right? LOL



Lisa said...

Oh I so wish I had a great space like that! Lucky you! I too have to have everything in it's place so I hope you get settled soon!
LOVE all the PINK!!

Deborah said...

I feel for you girl. So much stuff and no place to put it all. I think its something common to us creative vintage-style girls. Love your fabulous pink crown.

Stephenie said...

I think it looks beautiful...I should show you my creating space it looks like a bomb went off..It would make you feel alot better(hehe)...