Thrift Store Finds

Hubby and I stopped at the thrift store today, and I found a few fun things.

I got several yards of this pretty shimmery pink fabric too, for just a couple of dollars.

I found this sweet duvet cover for $5, and bought it thinking it would be great to cut up for some projects. But, then when I laid it on the bed to take pictures.....I'm thinking, I like it on our bed. (lousy picture lighting in the bedroom)

Look at the pretty crochet on it.

And the green is a perfect match to our pale green walls.

And then, while we're being rung up at the store, the woman behind me in line, says she has this mirror in her car, and asks if I would be interested. So, hubby and I went and looked. She gave it to me!
It was a good day to leave the house!

I started a new project last night. I'm trying my hand at a fabric book.

So far, I'm having fun with it.


Pam said...

Aren't you lucky with those finds you bought and that lovely mirror Debi!! Well done.
And your fabric book is just beautiful. I'm loving the vintage look you've achieved.

Princess Of Pink said...

Love the fabric book! I have that same picture and have used it too, lol. Great minds.....

Holly said...

Hi, Debi! ♥

Ooo-la-la! What thrift store do you go to? ☺ To be given that mirror... Wow! I've seen some like that but they always need paint and I always have too many "to paint' projects waiting for me!

I want to try a fabric book someday, too. I hope you show us when you're all finished. Have you seen Cheryl's fabric books?

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Such beautiful finds.... Love the bow earrings too!!

Shabby Kim said...

What wonderful things you found at the thrift store and what a generous gift that lovely lady bestowed upon you. The frame is beautiful.

Just seeing all of your lovely new things has given me the itch to do a little antique shopping today... :-)

Lisa said...

OH MY!! You had a great day! Lucky you!!
Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

back up, back up ... i am catching a glimpse of an amazing headboard! have you posted about it before?

awesome finds and the free mirror, too! ooh la la!!!

debi, you rock!


Le_Vintage said...

wow you are a great thrift store shopper hehehe the ones around me never have things that beautiful- and surely no one as nice to ever provide me with a elegant mirror! you're one lucky gal.

you did a wonderful job with the fabric book, it's looking soo beautiful.

im having a sweet little marie antoinette swap over on my side of the blogs if you wanna take a second to check it out it might be fun

le vintage

Lady Pamela said...

My favorite find is the mirror. Even better that it was free!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Wow, great finds and that mirror that lady just gave you. She is a blessing thats for sure.
And the book you are working on is sooooo pretty I love it. Have to show us more as you go along!!
PS Sorry I haven't been by much. Adjusting to summer with two kids at home. Hubby works out of town during the week, so I'm pretty busy =) I'm doing blogging at night nowadays.

Utah Grammie said...

Your finds are fun! What a deal - a free mirror that is adorable :-)

I want to try the fabric book as well - so beautiful! Yours is amazing as usual - let us see the additions as you complete them, OK?

Stephenie said...

Love all your new finds...The bling is amazing...I can't believe you got that duvet for $5..What a great deal...

Lynn said...

Ooooo she gave you that mirror? You were meant to go out that day I think :) It's gorgeous and I love the duvet cover, go for it, give your bedroom a new look, that's a great buy. Now you have me wanting to go thrifting :)