Gratitude Check

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After a high-pain day, and a printer that is giving me grief, I'm more behind now, than I was when I got up this morning. So.....I decided that I need a gratitude check.

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Right now, I'm grateful.....

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....for being blessed with two wonderful parents.....and for the belief that they are together again....

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......for the ability to create......

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....for the Hostess chocolate cupcakes I just ate....

....for the time I got to spend with my sister Tracie and my niece Bridget this month....

....for my memories....

....for my babies, Sugar and Molly....

....for a big, loving and supportive family....


....for beautiful blog friends who have been supportive....


....that I have enough....

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....for my beautiful children....

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....and for my hubby, who has held me up and held me together these last few weeks.


A Rococo Fan Swap

Are you looking for a fun swap to join? Sonia at Vintage Rose Designs is hosting a beautiful Rococo Fan Swap. Visit her site and sign up to join the fun!


A Restful Weekend

We (hubby, Sugar, Molly and I) had a wonderful 4 days at our cabin.

It's fairly secluded, and quiet....except for the occasional four-wheeler.

It's a great place to get away and just relax.

Back to reality.


My Studio

I'm participating in the 'Where Bloggers Create' blog party hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage.

Since we are leaving town for a few days, my post is going up early.

So...grab a cold drink and get comfy. My studio is my Favorite room, so this is a looong post.

I like things neat and tidy, it helps me to be inspired to create. But, you will notice that I am Not a 'less is more person'.

I love to be surrounded by things that I love....and of course, things that are Pink!

My cabinets sit stacked on the floor, and house my children's scrapbooks, and misc supplies.

My room is very small, so I use every possible space.

This is where I do my creating. My husband built my pink table for me, it is 3' x 5'6". It is also counter height because I do everything standing up.

This is supplies inside my cabinets, and my paper racks that hubby built for me.

When it comes to creating, I am first and foremost, a scrapbooker. Preserving family memories is very important to me.

My dresser, that I LOVE, houses some of my fabric.

The long rack, upper left, holds my stamp pads.

And, this is my little computer corner, where I spend *too much* time blogging. Hey, I told you I'm not a 'less is more person'. When I love something, I spend lots of time on it.

Go on over to Karen's blog and check out all the other creative spaces.


Marie Antoinette Tag Swap

I've been participating in the Marie Antoinette Tag Swap, hosted by the wonderful Arielle of Le Vintage. I could definitely see myself becoming a swap junkie....it is soooo fun to get pretty gifts in the mail. Tags have been coming for the last week.

Each of the participants created a tag for 10 different swappers....so in the end, we each get 10 tags.

The tags shown in this post are the ones I created for the swap. I loved it so.....I could just keep making tags.

I have received most of my tags, so when I get them all, I will show them to you. They are sooooooo pretty!! I will also show you what I am doing with them.

If you are one of the swappers expecting a tag from me...they are in the mail and on their way! I appreciate everyone being so patient.


Old Daddy Rabbit 9

My dad....he is the father of 9 children....has 25 grandchildren.....23 great-grandchildren.....and 1 great-great-grandchild.

He had a wonderful sense of humor, and knew how to have fun.

He was always supportive, showed an interest in what I was doing, and was happy to see my projects.

He was the family photographer.....the maker, and keeper of memories.

He lived his life to the fullest.....knew what his priorities were and what was important in life, and didn't waste time on things that weren't.
I will miss the almost daily e-mails from 'old daddy rabbit 9', sharing funny and thoughtful messages.
I love you dad....thanks for the memories.


Inspiration Needed

I've been searching the internet today, looking for some inspiration.

I started doing some rearranging in my studio a couple of weeks ago, and never got it finished. Now, the mess has grown and it's a disaster.

I love Tiffany's studio...it's sooo dreamy. This is the look I would like to achieve.

Sooooo pretty!

Photos from internet
Well, it's time to stop daydreaming and get back to work.
Edited: None of these beautiful spaces is mine.