Vacation Time!

My bags are packed, with a few clothes, and LoTs of creating supplies. Hubby and I are heading to our cabin this morning.
We'll be gone for a whole week. That's one whole week of creating, yard sales, and generally being lazy.
I hope you all have a wonderful week....see you when I get back!
I've left a favorite quote for you, each day that I'm away.


Online Shopping Junkie

I have turned into a real online shopping junkie. There are so many perks to shopping this way.

The stores are never closed, you can do it in your pj's, and you can visit many places in less time than driving.

I especially love shopping on Etsy. Everything I buy always comes packaged so beautifully, and many times, there are extra gifties included with my purchase. *perk*

I love these beautiful cutter pieces that arrived today from My So Called Junky Life. Sarah always packages things so pretty. The downside? How am I supposed to take off the pretty seam binding and flowers to use it? *wink*


Junkin' With Cindy

My sister Cindy and I got together yesterday for a long, overdue day of junkin' together. There wasn't a ton of good stuff out there, but I did manage to find a few things I'm excited about. Like this cute little shelf.

And this sweet lace....27 yards for $1. *squeal* It barely fit on my big spool.

This fabric covered box will make a nice little storage piece.

And a few new pieces of bling to add to projects was a fun find.

I was excited to find this cute little Santa, and boxes and boxes of pink ornaments.

But, I'd have to say that this was my favorite find of the day! I can't wait to paint, glitter, and generally foof them up for Christmas!


Show Off Monday

I'm participating in 'Show Off Monday' at Etsy Cottage Style. I thought maybe this would help me get a few projects done that I've been piddlin' along on.

I have already shown a few pages from this book that I started back in June. But I finally got it done.

The book is filled with pockets throughout, so I can tuck in little notes.

In the center of the book, I added a few blank paper pages for some journaling.

This was my first try at making a fabric book. I'm happy with the results, but can't wait to try another one and hopefully improve my book making skills.

Go on over to Etsy Cottage Style, and see what other crafters have been doing.


Happy Birthday Heather!

This is my one and only daughter, Heather....and today is her birthday. She is not only my daughter, but she is a beautiful woman....and my friend.

Happy Birthday Heather!


Things That Are Making Me Smile Today

These things are making me smile today.....

.....grocery store roses......

(and yes, I bought them for myself)

.....getting the grocery shopping done.....

....working on a project.....

....having my fan finished for the Rococo Fan Swap.....

.....coconut M&M's.....have you tried these?.....

.....creating a new inspiration board (this was my dad's, I shabbyfied it).....

....vintage bobbins with ribbon and trims.....

photo from internet
......and, finding out tonight, that Elyse and I share the same birthday! How fun is that?
I hope you're smiling today.


Two Sweet Giveaways

Two sweet giveaways are being offered by two sweet bloggers. The first is Elyse at Cottage. She is celebrating her 1st Blogthday....and has some beautiful gifts.

Then, Sonia at Vintage Rose Designs is celebrating her One Year Anniversary and 100 Followers. She is also offering a beautiful stash of gifts.


Some of This, and Some of That

This is his chair. This is where he sat when he sent me funny e-mails that brightened my day. It's where he sat while he created the family newsletter that he sent out monthly to keep our family in touch. And, it's where he sat as he worked at preserving family memories through scrapbooking. Yes, my 85 year old dad was a scrapbooker!

In fact, a few years ago, he won a $50 gift certificate at a local scrapbook store for a layout he had done.
I'm thinking about my dad today because yesterday, two of my sisters and I went through his things getting ready to divide them among our siblings.
* * * * * * * *

I've showed you my favorite little cabinet before, but I wanted to show you how pretty it looks with my beautiful new shoe from Elyse.

*squeal* I am loving it so!
* * * * * * * *

Crazy weather! We actually got a little bit of a hail storm today.
* * * * * * * *

Here's a little sneak peek at something I'm working on right now. I'm participating in the Rococo Fan Swap hosted by lovely Sonia at Vintage Rose Designs.
* * * * * * * *

And last, but certainly not least, Molly says hi. Whenever I pull out the camera, she starts whining at me and when I turn toward her, she poses. What a ham!


I Thought of You Swap

Okay, honestly, I'm at a loss for what to blog about since I'm just being lazy today. The only thing I've managed to accomplish so far is washing the dog's food/water dishes.....and I didn't think you'd want to see pics of that!

So I thought I'd share with you, the gifts I sent to Elyse from Cottage, for the I Thought of You swap hosted by Stephenie.

Everyone needs pretty vintage wallpapers in their stash.

I included some vintage clothespins because they're a fun, and pretty way to store ribbons and lace.....

.....two pretty china plates....

.....a glass flower frog (and some pretty fabric swatches) that I forgot to take a pic of.....

....pretty vintage bobbins, and ribbon.....

....lavender bottles.....

....and a paper mache box that I decorated with some of her favorite paper, and some of my handmade flowers.

I filled the box with vintage flowers, a hankie, little doilies, and more of my handmade flowers.
I'm still playing with all the pretties you sent me Elyse.