Online Shopping Junkie

I have turned into a real online shopping junkie. There are so many perks to shopping this way.

The stores are never closed, you can do it in your pj's, and you can visit many places in less time than driving.

I especially love shopping on Etsy. Everything I buy always comes packaged so beautifully, and many times, there are extra gifties included with my purchase. *perk*

I love these beautiful cutter pieces that arrived today from My So Called Junky Life. Sarah always packages things so pretty. The downside? How am I supposed to take off the pretty seam binding and flowers to use it? *wink*


Lisa said...

Exactly! I love it all bundled up! I'll have to check her out!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

Yeah, I've already bought!!! I cannot be your sponsor, I'm too much of in abler! ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

so funny and lisa's comments are hysterical.

tonight on the phone my oldest sister asked me if i think she's a shopaholic. i said, wrong person to ask because i think i am, too! i feel like every time i leave the house, i return with a bag! sometimes just with 1 tiny thing but still something!

enjoy your pretty packages and new treats!


icandy... said...

L.O.V.E. these fabric bundles... one looks like chenille! How cute are they???? All tied up, prettified and ready to go!

Utah Grammie said...

I'm like you...I have a hard time evry unwrapping them :-) beautiful!

Holly said...

I love shopping on etsy, too! Sometimes it's just "window" shopping, though! ♥

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

I am a online shoppaholic too. It is so convenient and not to mention, having packages in the mail, I dont know why its so thrilling to me.... :D
I know I'm nuts but I love it...