Vacation Time!

My bags are packed, with a few clothes, and LoTs of creating supplies. Hubby and I are heading to our cabin this morning.
We'll be gone for a whole week. That's one whole week of creating, yard sales, and generally being lazy.
I hope you all have a wonderful week....see you when I get back!
I've left a favorite quote for you, each day that I'm away.


Caroline@ FOREVER VINTAGE said...

Have a great time Debi..it sounds fantastic. My summer holidays finished up yesterday. I am back to work today.

Pam said...

oh lucky you Debi! Have a fabulous time. x

Utah Grammie said...

Be safe and have fun..yes, it IS possible to do both :-)

Oh, and take lots of pictures for us !

Stephenie said...

Debi, Have a safe and fun trip..We'll miss ya.

Elyse said...

hi debi!

have a wonderful time at the cabin!

i know you'll return with lots of treasures to post about!


Lisa said...

Have a fabulous time!!
Hugs, Lisa

Viola said...

Enjoy your trip, Debi!