Bring on the Pumpkins

After looking at my fall totes sitting in the family
room for 2 weeks now, I finally started
doing some decorating today.

Okay....we need to take a break from
the fall decorations for a minute. Molly
is driving me crazy, and says she wants
to show you her baby. She's the biggest ham I know.

So....here's my new crown I got last weekend.
I was so excited when I found it because
I've wanted one of these for awhile now.

I think pumpkins must be my favorite fall decoration.

And white seems to be my preferred color for them,
so I've been painting all of my old orange ones.

Here's a peek into the man cave (family room).
It's the only place in the house where
I still use any orange.

It's been really cold here today, a little colder than
I would like, but it's still better than the summer heat.

Bundle up, cuddle up, and stay warm!


Sweet Friendship

I wasn't able to get to the next journal pages
from Heather's beautiful class, until tonight.

And just like all the others, she had beautiful images
for us to use, and the pages were so fun to create.

I added this little quote to mine.

I'm very pleased with my pages so far, and
can't wait for the next ones to come out.

Wishing you lots of creativity!


Fall Fun & A Surprise

Hubby and I spent a wonderful, restful weekend
at our cabin. And even knowing that the canyon would
be in full fall bloom....neither of us remembered
the camera! We are definitely not the
brightest bulbs in the pack. hehe!

Sitting on the front deck, looking at all that
beautiful fall color, with no camera, just
made me want to cry.

Then I remembered my cell phone
has a camera. I've never really taken pictures
with it before so I wasn't sure how well they
would turn out. But I don't think they're too bad.

It was a real treat when we got back home, and my
order from Elyse had arrived!

Her cute clips are just the most adorable
things, and so fun to use.

And look how cute that pencil cup is,
covered with wallpaper! Love, love.

It holds my vintage spools perfectly!

And if that wasn't enough, she surprised me
with lots of sweet extras. A pretty doily,
a package of that sweet, adorable tissue
paper that I love so much, and the
cutest little plant labels.

And look at these tags! *squeal*   Elyse designed
this adorable button to add to our blogs, for our
birthday swap that we're doing. But, she turned
them into tags and sent me some!

Look at this one with glitter, rhinestones, and beads.
I absolutely love them Elyse!

And the little plant labels are a perfect addition
to my kitchen window.

Have a restful Sunday!


Oh, How I Love...

....staying up all night, to create! Heather put up
the next page for the 'A Beautiful Life' journal....

...and of course, I couldn't wait until morning to start.
That's a problem I've been trying to work on,
unsuccessfully, so far. Anyway, the theme of this
page is 'Oh, How I Love...' and she did it in a sampler
style, which is a new venture for me.

It includes, of course, things that we love. I'm not sure
how successful I was at acheiving the sampler style,
but the page is filled with things I love.

And while I was staying up anyway, I decided to make a
small addition to one of Monday's pages. I added
the word 'beautiful' in a smoky quartz glitter.
You can't have too much glitter.

Have a lovely weekend!


My First Sign

After thinking about it for quite awhile now, I finally got
around to making a sign for my livingroom. I can't
paint roses, and I'm not one of those talented
people who can pick up a brush and just paint words.

So, I did it the easy way. I started by painting
the edges of my board black, then rubbed candle
wax around all the edges and corners. (I have found
that it makes it easier to sand off the finish paint)

Then I did two heavy coats of Vintage White acrylic paint.
When it was dry, I lightly sanded across the front
and around all of the edges.

Using a stencil, I painted on my word. I did two
light coats so it wouldn't 'bleed' under my stencil.

Then, following the instructions, I added some
pretty decals that I got from The Decal Cottage.

When the paint and decals were dry,
I sprayed the whole thing with a matte
finish. This takes the shine off the decals
and helps protect the whole sign.

And voila! My wall arrangement is finally finished.

Now, the next thing I need to do, it take that
photography book out of my closet and
actually read it. It doesn't matter when I take
pictures, I just can't seem to make them light
enough to look good.  *sigh*

So much to learn, so little time.


A Beautiful Life

I'm working on the most beautiful project this week.
Heather at Pretty Petals is doing a gorgeous journal
in an online class. And the pretty images
she's got for us are making me *swoon*.

I decided to use this wonderful vintage ledger
that I found awhile back. It's been sitting
there waiting for me to find just the right
project for it. And this one is perfect!

This is my finished cover. The book is 7 x 12
which is such a fun size to work with.

Heather put out the first two pages
during the night, and I couldn't wait
to get started! So, of course, I stayed up
and played with it until I finished.

If you're not taking this class, you're really missing
something fun and beautiful. It's not too late
to sign up though. Heather has done a great job
with step by step instructions and pictures, making
it easy for anyone to make this beautiful journal.

Have a beautiful day!


Happy First Day of Fall

I spent some time this weekend creating a new
banner for the livingroom window.

Here are a few fun and simple decorating ideas for fall.

I may be a pink girl, but I LOVE the warm reds, golds,
browns and oranges of fall. So I decided to
let a few of them in this season. Starting
with this fun red pepper plant.

And every time I pass this jar of colorful
bubblegum in my kitchen, it makes me smile.

A simple ribbon can add some fun to candles.

I'm off to do more decorating.

Happy Fall!