Bring on the Pumpkins

After looking at my fall totes sitting in the family
room for 2 weeks now, I finally started
doing some decorating today.

Okay....we need to take a break from
the fall decorations for a minute. Molly
is driving me crazy, and says she wants
to show you her baby. She's the biggest ham I know.

So....here's my new crown I got last weekend.
I was so excited when I found it because
I've wanted one of these for awhile now.

I think pumpkins must be my favorite fall decoration.

And white seems to be my preferred color for them,
so I've been painting all of my old orange ones.

Here's a peek into the man cave (family room).
It's the only place in the house where
I still use any orange.

It's been really cold here today, a little colder than
I would like, but it's still better than the summer heat.

Bundle up, cuddle up, and stay warm!


Julie Harward said...

I loved the crown...where did you find it? I feel like I'm "out of style" with my orange pumpkins, I only have 1 white one. But i love them and they look great in my home, it's more of a rustic look. I feel like I have 2 or 3 sides of me, I'm drawn to country, victorian, vintage...I love it all! Come say hi any time :D

Lori said...

Molly is such a sweet girl...your white pumpkins look great Debi!!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hee-hee! Silly Molly is so cute! Tell her I really like her baby! ☺

I love how you added some bling to your pumpkin. Aren't they just so much fun to decorate? ♥

Lori R. said...

Love love the white pumpkins! They definately are "the thing" now. I like to paint things to go to the next color scheme also. I can tell Molly's baby is a chosen favorite. Have a wonderful fall day, it is raining here so you know what that means,,,, I can stay in all day and cut glass without feeling like I need to be outside doing something. I love rainy days!!!

Utah Grammie said...

love it love it love molly...

LillySue said...

Looking good! Gotta get to town today and buy some of those little white pumpkins. Does Molly want you to throw her baby or does she just carry it around all day?? Samdog just wants you to throw it.....what ever it is, just THROW IT ALREADY!!

Household 6 said...

I just love the white pumpkins! I think I may need to borrow the idea of repainting my orange ones :) Very fun!

Elyse said...

hello my debi!

your white pumpkins are stunning!

i smiled the biggest smile when i saw the shoe!

loved the glimpse of the man cave. :)


Karen said...

First off - Molly is adorable and so is her baby.
Second - I never in a million years would've thought of painting my orange pumpkins! If you were here, I''d give you the biggest hug of the day! GOOD JOB!!
Off to paint . . . :)

Claudia said...

I love the look of the white pumpkins and your crown is fabulous!

Molly has stolen my heart!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh just fab! I loooove white pumpkins.

Lynn said...

Now why didn't I think of painting my pumpkins? That's a great idea Debi, you have really inspired me to make a change from the usual :)
I love your crown too!

Ginger said...

Love your blog, we have all the same tastes. I just started my blog, home it looks like yours some day.

Gerry said...

Hey, Debi. I have some pumpkins - now orange, of course. But I am going to get my white paint out and get them painted. What a hoot of an idea. bye, for now I'm going to get those pumpkins.