Oh, How I Love...

....staying up all night, to create! Heather put up
the next page for the 'A Beautiful Life' journal....

...and of course, I couldn't wait until morning to start.
That's a problem I've been trying to work on,
unsuccessfully, so far. Anyway, the theme of this
page is 'Oh, How I Love...' and she did it in a sampler
style, which is a new venture for me.

It includes, of course, things that we love. I'm not sure
how successful I was at acheiving the sampler style,
but the page is filled with things I love.

And while I was staying up anyway, I decided to make a
small addition to one of Monday's pages. I added
the word 'beautiful' in a smoky quartz glitter.
You can't have too much glitter.

Have a lovely weekend!


Lori said...

Debi!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! your new pages are STUNNING!!! i LOVE the girl that you used...she is gorgeous...and i adore how you layered everything...and added all of your elements...i am having a rough time figuring out my left side page...and i have to go take my nap now before i go in to work tonight...i would much rather play with my journal...LOL...

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Debi, your journal is coming along SOOOOOO beautifully!!! I am laughing at you having to stay up to finish. I get like that too! when I get my mind on somthing I need to do it right now. lol

anyway, the pages are stunning and you did do VERY well at doing it kindof like a sampler style. I see all of those little gatherings! I love how you used the doily under that one group and that cute little pink bon bon label is ADORABLE! also, I am LOVING the tab at the top of the journal! what a great idea. Love the beautiful in glitter too. I actually thought about doing some type of wording up there and every time I woudl add it, the page would look off. Yours looks PERFECT!

happy journaling!! xoxo

Utah Grammie said...

Have I told you yet that you are a total "Enabler!" Yes, I joined and haven't done a thing yet...too much going on this week-end so if you'll please keep showing me your pages, I know I'll get inspired to actually create!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Staying up and partying like a rock star, huh? ☺ Lovely work, Debi! I know you girls are enjoying your workshop! ♥

Elyse said...

pretty pretty pretty! how fun to be so into working on it that you stayed up! love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debi, your pages are so lovely! Wow you create fast - I need to catch up this weekend on mine. I love the addition of the 'beautiful' in glitter - such an awesome color of glitter you chose.


sashagirl said...

Hi Debi, your sampler pages are Beautiful!!! I am just now starting on mine. This is so much fun! What darling journals we are all going to have! Oh, I LOVE staying up late playing in my studio, that's when I get the most done! Glad to know other ladies do the same thing, I'll be sure to let my husband know, haha! He fusses at me staying up late all the time! Now, go get some sleep!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Wowza! Such beautiful work!! Love all the elements and your attention to detail is extraordinary!

Love your "beautiful" done in glitter and I agree, there's no such thing as to much glitter!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

What a sweet blog you have! Just down my alley! LOL! Love your paper-crafts to!


Lisa said...

Love your pages! I think you did very well! What a great book!
Hugs, Lisa

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

You were very successful @ achieving teh sampler style...your pages look fabulous! I haven't even started on my journal but will first thing Monday morning.

Love your journal...I may be at an advantage delaying my creation. I get to draw inspiration from all of y'all! Oh & nice to meet you!

Julie Harward said...

SO VERY PRETTY...I loved it all and the last picture, "BEAUTIFUL" finishes it off so lovely! I've loved glitter clear back in the days I used to write my boyfriends name in glue, then cover it with glitter! LOL..Some things are always fun!
(Come say Hi :D)

Viola said...

Soooo pretty! Love your pages, Debi!

Shabby Kim said...

Debi, your journal is looking just gorgeous. I almost wish I would have signed up for Heather's online class as I actually think creating a journal like this might be something I would have enough talent to do, but I had nothing in the way of art supplies, papers, etc.. to even get started. Can't wait to see everyone's finished journals.

Lynn said...

Beauty, beauty, beautiful and so you, all pinkness and pretty and vintage, great pages :)

Stephenie said...

Your pages look sooooooo pretty.. You used such pretty little tidbits on your sampler page.. I also love the image of the beautiful lady you used.. I also love all the pretty roses.. You go girl!! Your book is amazing..

Viola said...


Viola said...

I´m so in love with your wonderful pages, that I have to write a second time,Debi, hehe! ;o)