A Beautiful Life Journal

I finally finished the last of the pages
in my journal from Heather's class.

I added a little poem that I found online,
called 'Life is Beautiful'.

On the right side of the page, I added
a vintage envelope to include some journaling.

And this beautiful print that I bought
from Heather awhile back.

I was one of those little girls
who dreamed of being a ballerina.

Now I just need to make my box. And I mean
that literally. I have looked high and low
for a box that will fit my book. But, with
no luck. So, tonight I'm going to 'build' my own box.

Fall's chill is in the air....enjoy!


Lori said...

Debi, your journal pages are SO beautiful!!! i love how you added the envelope for journaling...what a clever idea...how funny!!! i used the ballerina print on one of my pages too...i just love that picture...i like your mix of papers and patterns on these pages...it looks really lovely all together!!!

LillySue said...

I love envelopes added to journals etc... It is like a hidden surprise. Holly has several scrapbook style subject books (Faeries, Dragons etc..) that have big and little envelopes strewn thru them with little trinkets and surprises in them. It really makes them special!
You have created a lovely family heirloom.

Julie Harward said...

I have never seen anything like that...so very pretty! It must be so much fun to create such a beautiful piece of art!
Come say hi:D

Stephenie said...

Your pages are sooooooo pretty... You girls are just killing me with all this beauty... I love all the images and all the pretty treasures..

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Debi, I LOVE these gorgeous pages!!! I love all of the beautiful images... I love, I love, I love!! Your journal has turned out so beautiful Debi... you put so much love and time into it! It is a true keepsake. Now we just have to hope that someone will treasure it someday... hehe.


Karen said...

ME TOO! I have had no luck finding a box for my journal. I have chosen a shoe box that is too deep, but will have to do.
Good girl for going the extra mile! I am so afraid of being chosen for jury duty and getting immersed in that, I just want to complete my project the best I can. I wish I had more time . . . -but I guess if I have it, I can always make another box. :)
This was too fun! We need to convince Heather to do another one in January!!!! YAY!
Good job! Karen

Viola said...

Simply gorgeous artwork!! Fabulous, Debi! :-)

Elyse said...

oh debi!

soooooo pretty! i love all of your layering and details, and the ballerina picture is so pretty. what a great and personal piece you are making.

have fun with your box building. i know it will be great.


Mary said...

Debi, every tiny detail of you beautiful journal is so precious...you've put your heart into it, and made a beautiful collection of your memories..I love it!

God bless,

Elise said...

those dancers are just perfectly whimsical - fab !

Household 6 said...

WOW!! You have an awesome bunch of goodies in these pages!!! I am in love with the little envelope - what a perfect addition :) I'm sure your box building is going to be just as lovely!

Gabriela said...


This book is so beautiful!

~ Gabriela ~

Robin said...

This is the most beautiful journal I have seen! I love all the details and embellishments. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment :) Have a great day.

Lynn said...

Your journal has turned out sooooooo beautiful, and I am sure you will make an equally beautiful box for it. I love how you have used lots of vintage wallpaper in the book, and I am loving this page with the ballerina's and the envelope, just perfect!!!

Rebecca said...

Journal is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!

Pearl said...

This is hands down the most beautiful journal I have ever seen!! Oh how I wish it was for sale. Great job and I loooove your blog. Thanks for the eye candy view. Peace