Here We Go Again!

My studio is in a shambles again!

The project this time? Another redo.

Do you find, as you work in your studio,
that some things just don't work the way
you thought they would? So, you need a redo?

Or, you just don't have the space you need?

I do.

So, I'm moving a few things around.

I'm not doing anything major...just needed more space
within my 'growing ever smaller' space.

So, hubby is filling my closet with shelves.
The extra storage will be wonderful!

What fun project are you doing today?


Lynn said...

I don't think there is ever enough room, I have things spread all over the place. Good luck coming up with more workspace :)

Gerry said...

Boy, you know us. Never enough room and mine never, ever stays organized.
What do you have stored in the bins in the first photo? And, in the last photo are your drawer fronts lined?

Julie Harward said...

What a cute work room..so pink and pretty! Your little pink table that the sewing machine sits on..I have one just like it, only mine is still the original old green paint. It looks like it was used a lot! Best wishes in all your creations!
Come say hi :D

Lisa said...

Your studio is so blummin' cute it looks good in shambles!! I love visiting it!
Hugs, Lisa

Country Dreaming said...

Really Pink!!!

I'm doing a little number called B
and V--Blogging and Vegging!



Barb said...

You have such a wonderful studio!!

barbara jean

aimee said...

i love your studio! it looks so fun :)

arty said...

Hi Debi. I agree with all the comments here. Your studio is really cute. One could spend a whole day in there enjoying themselves :)

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

We all love your studio, Debi! ☺ But I don't think us crafty girls can ever have enough room or storage! I've turned over a new leaf in my craft room:

Clean when you're done! What a concept! ♥

Geralyn Gray said...

I love your studio--and yes there is never enough room. Can't wait to see your finished space. I enjoyed all of your birthday fun too--the swap was amazing!

Lori said...

totally jealous of your space...i am studio~less...have fun doing your makeover!!!

Lori said...

I adore your room! so pink and girly-girl! My room is never big enough either. My supplies grow and the room gets smaller (it's small enough to begin with!-LOL!). Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Masquerade Ball. I'll be visiting your blog again. I LOVE the style. Pssttt--I think we're kindred spirits.

Janean said...

Great studio. Wish someone could invent one that automatically expands with more stuff! lol.

Ginger said...

Debi, even in a state of disarray your studio is to die for pink!! Be still my heart. Love it.
glitter and roses

Suzy said...

Beautiful creative space! You are lucky... Today I am going to help a friend paint a room in her home... Have a great day!

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

I am surprised you didn't have hubby put those shelves in before...I hope it gives you all the storage you need...for now anyways! I have been waiting for a sunny day to get some photos of our latest art creations. It looks like this might be that day!

Claudia said...

Your studio is so fantastic! What a great space in which to create. Have fun moving things around and making the space even better!

Tammy said...

What a pretty studio you have chock full of femininity. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

stefanie said...

i am drooling over your studio!!

Anonymous said...

messy? ooo so pretty..

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh Debi~ what a fabulous work room you have. I just cleaned out mine and rearranged but it didn't turn out the way I hoped so I'm in the market for a small hutch to store my fabric on.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh Debi, your studio is fabulous! A studio workspace is like a ladies purse, the bigger it is the more stuff you put into it!

Love and hugs,

Charlene said...

Your studio looks wonderful. And mine always seems to be in shambles! What is it with us???? Love all the pink in yours. Thank you for stopping by to see my crystal collection. I'm sorry I am a bit late getting back to you but, I was in a Fall Trade Day Sale this weekend & I am pooped & so far behind. Come back & see me. Good luck on your redo.

Utah Grammie said...

A messy studio is one that is USED! And that's sooo much better than a pristine, always perfect one, doncha think?
Yes, I need WAAAAY more room in mine..it's a very small extra bedroom and other than building a separate building..it's not gunna get any bigger :-(

That's OK..we still create !

Karen said...

You an I are sooooooooo on the same wavelength! I just redid my studio also! But I need to paint. I'm over the grinning happy green paint - need to get to a more vintage and calming color.
How does the room keep getting smaller and smaller? I just cannot figure this thing out . . .
:) Karen

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

I just did this very thing yesterday!

Rosy said...

It's good you can make a mess in your studio while working on projects and tidy up later. It's a never-ending job that's for sure.