Studio Cleanup

I'm slowly puttering along, trying to dig
myself out from under the disaster
my studio has been the last few days.

I finally got my work table cleaned off
tonight. I can't seem to function anywhere
in the house, if my studio is a mess.

I'm just waiting for one more shelf,
on the bottom and they'll be finished.

I decided to decoupage vintage sheet
music onto the shelves...and I'm loving it.

Now, I just have to decide exactly
how I want everything.

What are you working on this week?


Lori said...

that looks fabulous Debi...so neat and organized...the sheet music for the shelves is wonderful, great idea!!!

Cindy said...

Your studio is wonderful, if we only we could all have one like it. Maybe one day when some kids leave home and there are some spare rooms, but for now i'm happy to have them home with me. Great job!

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

Gosh your studio is just LOVELY! It must inspire you to create such beautiful things.

Sheryn xox

Cassandra said...

Oh my gosh was an adorable studio! So soft and inspiring. I wish mine looked like that lol.

THanks so much for sharing and thanks for stopping by to visit me :) Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love how this is coming along!! I just love your space!! I so want to get a craft space set up. i have a huge double closet (4 sliding doors total!) that has all my craft and sewing things just stacked up- to do something like this would be so neat!
Have to wait though- DH is away and I am trying to clean and organize his workshop down in the basement so I can con him into doing some projects for me when he returns!!!


Connie said...

Debi, my sweet chickee, that is absolutely darling! If my closet looked like that I'd think I was in heaven. I'm very serious; it's lovely and organized and very colorful. I might try to get Love Bunny to make my craft room closet into that kind of storage space. Loooooove it, sugar.

Karen said...

You're just so sweet. Thank you for your wonderful words for me today. I am planning on totally enjoying my 3 days of just driving in my cute car (and NOT getting a speeding ticket) - and enjoying everyone with whom I am going to visit! And it's a surprise for two of them, which makes it even better.
And then when I get home on Sat, I clean up - pack up again and am flying off next Wed to Michigan for 9 days.
sigh. Yeah, my sons think I'm a little spoiled right now. LOL.
OK, so you need to go to my 9-12-09 post, scroll almost all the way down until you see my inspiration board. And when you look to the left, you'll know why I'm sending you there. When I saw yours I was laughing. I think it is so very fun when you love someone else's studio and then find something special that you have in your own.
We have good taste! LOL
I love what you are doing. I had to redo mine since that Sept post AGAIN, it is VERY different, but didn't show any pictures yet. Not sure if this is the way I want it. Will be painting in Jan so . . . we'll see.
Have fun finishing up your space! Isn't it so nice to just go in and sit and look around and . . . sigh . . . just create?
HAGD! Karen

Julie said...

Wish my work room looked as beautiful as this! What a lovely and inspiring space.

Lynn said...

I love how you finished off the shelves, I need some more myself, but we are planning on selling the house so I will have to wait now.

Sarah said...

Your studio is looking great. I especially like your shelf with the crocheted lace on the edge. Very pretty!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Oh Debi...I feel a surge of creativity just looking at your lovely studio, I would love to have a studio as gorgeous and inspiring as yours!

Thank you so much sweet friend for your kind words and well wishes!

Love and hugs,

Julie Harward said...

You are having too much fun I think! One can never have too much shelving thats for sure. Love the music on them..cute idea! Come say hi :D

Lisa said...

Looks very lovely! I just love it all!
Hugs, Lisa

Sandy said...

What better way to spend a cold October evening than to sit in a quite house with a cup of real hot chocolate (none of that powered stuff) and find wonderful new blogs like yours! I love the sheet music on the shelves.

ginger said...

Just beautiful. I have a closet in my studio but it has too much stuff in it!! What a wonderful place to keep your pretties.


Country Dreaming said...

Oh, so pretty, oh, so pretty!!!


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Debi. I love your studio. There are so many pretty and interesting things to see. I still have no desk in my studio, so I use the dining room table when I'm crafting. I have the same milkglass vase. I love milkglass!
♥ Rebecca