Doors of Welcome

I'm participating once again in the Doors of Welcome,
hosted by Karen from Some Days are Diamonds.

This is what my door usually looks
like for Thanksgiving.

And some years, I've even taken
to decorating outside.

But, this year, I decided to do
something different. I just haven't been
able to get into the whole orange thing.

So, I decorated my front door
to celebrate and honor our veterans.
Here is a little bit of it.

But, I forgot to go outside
and take pictures. And today,
we had a windy, snow storm.

Some days are just like that, aren't they?

Be sure to check out Karen's blog
for more interesting doors than mine. LOL


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, my Debi...
Snow already? It just doesn't seem fair! I love your patriotic fall tribute. I also love that sweet little pig in your front yard. I couldn't possibly show my front yard these days. I need to weed before I can photograph! Perhaps soon. You've given e some wonderful ideas! ;-)

Mieke said...

Lovely new door decoration ! I like it more then the 'orange' door.

Anonymous said...

Im loving the door decor.I have just a bit of decor ghere for Thanskgiging a wreath somewhat like your first one on my front door.A few little things throughout the house.

Love the touch of snow.We have had a bit of it as well a few weeks ago since then its been a mild Indian summer.

Have a great new week ahead!Becky

Anonymous said...

Wow escuse my spelling typing a bit to fast.LOL.

ginger said...

I like your decorations, very cute. Who says fall decor has to be orange? Although I do like the pumpkins by your pig.

We are expecting snow maybe tomorrow. From 70 degrees to snow!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Theresa said...

Love your door, the flag is perfect and just the right color:) The statues are precious expecially the piggy! Have a blessed day and thanks for having me!

Lisa said...

Love the pumpkins! The snow is funny!
Have a happy Sunday my friend!
Hugs, Lisa

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Oh my goodness!! SNOW!!!!! I love it!!! Your front door is so very pretty. I think you picked the perfect way to honor our veterans. Thank you for sharing the pics with us. :)

~ Wendy

Claudia said...

I really like your new door decoration - I know what you mean about orange! I have some baby pumpkins in my kitchen and that's about it for the orange this year!

Lisa said...

I can't believe it's snowing! We have been praying for cooler weather in Texas. It just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving without a little nip in the air. :)
PS Your door looks beautiful!

Karen said...

OMG! You are so funny! Debi I would kill to have to show SNOW in my yard! Sigh. Someday . . . maybe!
I love your change of theme. Because the men and women that are out there protecting us, we are all truly grateful for. What a wonderful tribute.
Thanks for joining in! Karen

Elyse said...

hi debi!

i love your simple and patriotic door. very pretty! and the snow is like glitter. how's that?! :)

i have been having THE MOST FUN using so many things from you for making my dolls. the fabric squares, flowers, clothespins. thank you so much again!


Oliva said...

Brrr...! Gorgeous pictures...love the cute piggy. The pumpkins reminded me sort of like an Easter egghunt...silly...ha?

Rettabug said...

What a lovely tribute to the men & women who have served our country! Nicely done, Debi.

You can keep that snow right where it is...don't be sending it on over to Ohio, ya' hear? We'll get plenty of our own soon enough. LOL I am enjoying this fabulous Indian summer we're having right now. :D


Lori said...

Debi, your decorations look so pretty...i can't believe how many people are having snow all ready...we had a little bit of flurries about a week ago, but the weather here has been pretty mild so far

Charlene said...

Ah, I miss snow! I was born and raised in the south, and have spent only 3 winters in the snow, and we have been back in the south again for a couple of years. Somebody did a nice shoveling job, too! You decorations are pretty, last years, and what we could see of this year's, too1

Meg said...

Oh No! The Snow is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your tribute and change is good. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Hope you have a shovel. Blessings! Meg

karen said...

What a wonderful idea! I love the patriotic tribute and the touch of snow...fun!!! It should be cold here in Pennsylvania but it was 75 on Saturday...very odd for this time of year.

Julie said...

Hi Debi,Love all your Fall...Cute Cute Cute little pig in with the pumpkins...