Guess What? My Studio's Pink!

Okay, so I had a real 'duh' moment
earlier tonight. (you know something's
wrong when those are the norm)

Because I'm both nearsighted,
and now with age, farsighted,
I don't wear my glasses around
the house. (can't do bifocals)

So....my son fixed the ear piece on
my glasses tonight, and then I cleaned
them. I put them on to check them,
just as I happened to walk into my studio.

And Holy Cow!!! My studio's PINK!

I mean really PINK!!

I seriously never realized just
how much pink I have in here.

No wonder I love it in here!

I've been working on some projects this week,
but I can't show them yet, they're for swaps.

I'm still moving so slow that it has taken me three
days to make two ornaments and one tag.

More pink!

Here's my cutie patootie mom and dad.
I miss them both so much.

Make a mess and create something pretty!


Julie Harward said...

Well friend..I guess that gives meaning to "rose colored glassed!" I have to get me some, maybe it will do the same for me! LOL I love your room..so much detail and so darn pretty! (I miss mine too) Come say hi :D

Princess Of Pink said...

OH I could LIVE in your studio, I SO adore all the pinky-ness ♥♥

Hugs from Marian

Jennifer said...

I love your studio.Its beautiful!Hugs,Jen

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

What a beautiful PINK studio! It looks like such a special place for you to create special things : )

Sheryn xox

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It is definitely PINK in every way...Pretty in Pink!


Anonymous said...

I dont`t now that I say,because this yours studio is so so wondeful and beautiful.Specials!
I like this,what you have a make!:-)

Have a pretty day for you all my heard!

Lady snow said...

Dream space for you!!!!
I have got two prifiles here,this.lumienkeli and
Kata-sweety style room.
Welcome nowing better me!

Lori said...

the more pink the better i always say...your studio is gorgeous...i love the pic of your mom and dad, they are cute indeed:)

Beth Gales said...

Nothing wrong with pink! It makes me feel happy!

Utah Grammie said...

Well, I, like so many others, love the pInK! And your parents? What a wonderful photo- and yes, cutie-pa-tootoes:-)

Julie said...

Debi, your room IS pink! I'd love to have a pink room of my own....maybe someday! Looking forward to seeing those projects!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

aww Debi.. you got beautiful studio! all so pinkish & girl and super place to squeeze all your creative juices all out!

love your studio..

have a good day

Cottage Flair said...

I would live in there!! Love your beautiful pink studio.

Junkgirl said...

Love your PINK studio! Such an inspiring place to create. Just beautiful!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

See ..... I don't know if I'd confess to NOT KNOWING that my studio was pink when I've been "looking at it" for quite some time. People might start to look at me strange and I might begin to find pamphlets around the house for seniors complexes or laser eye surgery.

You're so brave!!

Connie said...

Yippeeeeee, kazowy.....love it, sugar!!!!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I am so lovin' this creative space! I just recently "fixed" mine again and now I'm inspired to change, update, move, add more treasures and all from viewing this amazing work space! Thanks for sharing your lovely views!

Terri Gordon said...

What a beautiful studio. I think if I created there I would never leave. Love it. Love pink.

Claudia said...

Goodness, it is pink! And I love it! I could really spend all day there!

Shabby Kim said...

It sure is pink Debi, but that's what makes it so perfect. Pink and all the pretty things you have displayed. Just the kind of room I'd love to spend hours and hours in. They really should feature your studio in a magazine someday. I'd buy that magazine for sure.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a lovely space you have for creating! My studio in our last home was pink and I always loved how sweet and relaxing it was to spend time there. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love them!

Lisa said...

You crack me up!! I love your Pink and I'm glad you do too!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

I would spend all my time in your studio if I could, how lovely.


Mermaid Treasures said...

SOOOO Pretty!
Love it!

Elyse said...

hi debi,

your studio ROCKS! i love just looking at everything, like the shelf you backed with the wallpaper. it's all beautiful and inspiring!

i feel like i'm having shop-for-debi withdrawals! LOL

enjoy playing amongst the pink!


Elyse said...


wallpaper = scrapbooking paper

me = sleepy


Viola said...

Your studio is sooooo pretty in pink, Debi! It`s a wonderful place for creating art! Love it!! Have a great weekend! :-)

Lynn said...

Ooooooo it would be so fun to create in your studio, and poke around to see all the stash you have :) Looks awesome, and I love how you have created it to honor your love of PINK :)