Be Back Soon

We had a wonderful Christmas. But, it's
not over yet. I still have one more
'Christmas' party to get ready for,
on Friday. Trying to get all the mess
from Christmas day cleaned up and get
ready for the next one.

I'll be back soon.


Merry Christmas To All

My Christmas 'to do' list seems to be getting
longer, instead of shorter. So, I'm going to take
a blogging break until after Christmas.

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas,
filled with family, friends and good times.
I'll see you after the holidays.

Merry Christmas!


Sweet Messengers of Christmas Banner

Heather, at Pretty Petals has done it again!

She has another online class. This time,
she's showing us how to make a 'Sweet
Messengers of Christmas' banner.

I finally got mine done tonight.

So, with a whole week to spare,
I finally have all my decorations done!

Create something fun today!


O Christmas Tree

Saturday turned out to be a good
shopping day, and we got alot done.

For the last few days, I've
been wrapping and tying.

The tree looks alot less lonely now.

Now, if I can just find the time to bake.

What are you doing for the holiday?


Christmas Doors of Welcome

I'm participating in Karen's
Doors of Welcome
again this month.

This year, my outside decorations
are very simple because every time
I planned to decorate, it snowed. *sigh*

But, my pink looks pretty surrounded by all that white!

We also didn't get alot of lights up,
but, we're enjoying what we have.

Poinsettias hang on the inside
of my front door.....

and my pink table in the entry hall
holds some of my little nativities.

I have shown alot of pictures
of the pink rooms in my home....

so today, I thought I would show you
our family room, which is decorated
in traditional Christmas colors.

My little snowmen under the tree
are blurry, but I just love them!

And this is my favorite Santa.

See? I'm not just a pink girl!   But, mostly!

Well, that's the tour! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm off to enjoy a yummy cup
of hot chocolate with french vanilla
cream and a candy cane, while
I wrap some more Christmas gifts.

Be sure to check out the other

Happy Holidays!


My First ATC's....

....and I think I'm hooked! These
little babies are fun to make!

These are for another MA Mail Art
swap. MAMA will be celebrating
it's first birthday next month.

Hubby and I are off to do ALL
of our Christmas shopping today.
And I don't care what anybody thinks....
I'm wearing my slippers!

Do something fun today!


8:00 A.M.

I love the way my livingroom looks at 8:00 am.

My livingroom window faces south,
so the sun is still to the east.

And while it's starting to get light, the sun
isn't coming through the window yet,

so the room is softly lit making
everything look peaceful.

My snowman hat on top of the tree is starting to glisten
from the light coming through the lace curtains.

This isn't something I see very often
because I'm usually still asleep.

So, I couldn't resist grabbing
the camera and capturing the moment.

Besides, I had to go to the grocery store
and I needed something to do while waiting
for the temperature to get warmer than 8 degrees.

By 10:30, it had finally climbed to
14 degrees, so I decided to go.

But, things are looking up! By the time
I left the grocery store, it was a
beautiful 19 degrees. Brrrrrrrr

I'm staying home now.
Maybe I'll take a nap.

Bundle up and stay warm!