8:00 A.M.

I love the way my livingroom looks at 8:00 am.

My livingroom window faces south,
so the sun is still to the east.

And while it's starting to get light, the sun
isn't coming through the window yet,

so the room is softly lit making
everything look peaceful.

My snowman hat on top of the tree is starting to glisten
from the light coming through the lace curtains.

This isn't something I see very often
because I'm usually still asleep.

So, I couldn't resist grabbing
the camera and capturing the moment.

Besides, I had to go to the grocery store
and I needed something to do while waiting
for the temperature to get warmer than 8 degrees.

By 10:30, it had finally climbed to
14 degrees, so I decided to go.

But, things are looking up! By the time
I left the grocery store, it was a
beautiful 19 degrees. Brrrrrrrr

I'm staying home now.
Maybe I'll take a nap.

Bundle up and stay warm!


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

SWOON! DROOL! Oh Debi, your living room and decorations are fabulous! What a feast for the eyes!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

So pretty.I love love the center piece oh.Did you make it?Its so adorable,Merry christmas!

The Garden Bell said...

So clean, So fresh, So cheerie, So Winter White, So full of the Christmas Spirit, So peaceful.....

Make all my normal Red and Green, just so boring.

Love it, Love it, Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi again! I couldnt find a place to email you to ask this I hope you dont mind if I ask it here.Im real into my blog as far as decorating it.I mean I actually enjoy doing the page more than blogging,lol.I was wondering how did you do your banner.I mean the writing at the bottom and the design.Thanks so much!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh Debi! So, so, pretty! Thanks for taking these pics and showing us! ♥

Country Dreaming said...

Very beautiful!


aimee said...

8:00 is beautiful! i just love the way you display your decoratios.

Shabby Kim said...

So dreamy!! I love sunny rooms myself and I can just imagine how lovely it must be to sit in your living room in the morning with the sun shining so brightly in the windows looking at all of your beautiful Christmas decorations. Would be a very hard room to leave.

Karen said...

Oh Debi. Everything is so pretty. I wish I could do a cottagey decor in my home. But it would just look silly at this house. So I settle for a little bit of here and there upstairs in my space. And someday - when we downsize - (well not too much :) ) I will get a more cottagey house and HAVE A BALL DECORATING! (I think I need to save my pennies.)
8 to 14 degrees huh? MAN! I would love that!!!! I've been loving our 38!! And today it's raining again and - sigh - it seems very Christmasy. LOVE IT!
Your home is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your Doors for Doors of Welcome!!!
Enjoy your weekend! Stay warm and safe! Hugs. Karen

Lisa said...

I think it is beautiful in any light! But isn't it neat!! I have my Christmas tree on a timer so when I get home from work it is on and it is the cheeriest thing! (yes I just made a new word hehe) Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Lori R. said...

Debi, your room is just stunning!! I love all the colors and yes, the morning sun is pretty. I am sure the pics don't do the room justice. I bet it is even more beautiful in real life... We are in the teens and single digits too... I wasn't ready for the cold, but I guess we will eventually adapt...
Thanks for sharing your beautiful charming room..

Julie Harward said...

So pretty and I could feel the peace and the morning beauty of it all..I guess there are benefits for early risers! Come say hi :D

Barbara Jean said...

All so very beautiful


barbara jean

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

goshhhh.. i love your home! so xmasy pink!!! swooonnnnnnn!!! i got to come back many times to enjoy the photos!.. thanks for sharing..

Lee Laurie said...

So beautiful! I love all of the pink and white! Your centerpiece is beautiful!

Lee Laurie

Elyse said...

brrrrr ... that's a chilly morning outside ... but oh so beautiful inside!


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Truly enjoying all your christmas decor photos... so lovely and shabby...

Viola said...

Absolutely stunning!