My Christmas Goal

I am still struggling to get things
done for Christmas.

My front door is still not decorated....

....I have Christmas crafts I haven't started....

...hubby and I haven't made a dent
in our Christmas shopping....

...so today, I decided to sew new
Christmas stockings for everyone.
Like I had nothing else to do.

Oh yeah, somewhere I have all the
stuff to make Christmas cards.

My goal this year, is to finish my
Christmas shopping, crafts, and
decorations by Christmas.
But honestly, I'll be happy
if the shopping is done.

Maybe, I'll try again next year
to make Christmas cards.

Oh, there's no place like home
for the holidays....


Barbara Jean said...

These are beautiful!!


barbara jean

Nany said...

wow they're so elegant... so charming... so if you still need something to do... please send me one of those.....haha... hugs and happy holidays...

Lori said...

i was going to do that too...never got around to it...and now i really don't feel like it...it takes a lot to get me in the mood to sew...your stockings are lovely Debi!!!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

What lovely stockings, Debi! How fun to be able to sew!

Every year I am asked if I'm ready for Christmas and I always say no but that I like it that way. There's always one more ornament, cookie or present that needs to be tended to. I think it would be boring to be "done".

Have FUN! ♥

Julie Ann said...

Your stockings look wonderful all strung up!! I just love all the ribbons and lace :)

Ginger said...

Debi, thanks for stopping by to see my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I have your blog on my faves and I check each day to see what new lovelies you are showing us. You are so talented and I love your style. The stockings are beautiful. Know what you mean, I don't have much shopping done either, finally ordered some things online yesterday. Have a great day.

glitter and roses

Karen said...

Oh Debi!
I just have to crack up here. I feel like I've been reading the journal of MY life over the past month or so. LOL. It's amazing how we all feel like this! I have so many things I want to do, but life and work just steal our precious little creative moments away.
I did make my cute little Christmas banner yesterday. ANd I got the ornaments hung on the dining room mirror that were a PAIN IN THE REAR TO DO!
Christmas cards? Hmmmmmmm . . . Haven't even begun . . . shopping? well, maybe just a little. I'm doing as much on-line as I can.
I think the stockings are gorgeous and you've given me a wonderful idea on how to get the kids' names on their new ones.
I only need about 6 more hours a day - and I'd be GOOD!
Thank you for reading my mind! I feel so much better!
Have a great - creative day ! Hugs. Karen

Utah Grammie said...

Oh but they are soo beautiful! And, we all work better with a looming deadline, right??

Julie Harward said...


Country Dreaming said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the
only one who is behind on the upcoming holiday. Hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh Debi you made me feel so much better! I don't have a lick of shopping done and we have over 500 ministry newsletter to get out plus the rest of the decorating!

My goal is to keep the focus on Jesus instead of the stuff - Oh Lord please let that happen!


Stephenie said...

Wow, your stockings looks so pretty.. You did such an amazing job.. I've been wanting to make stocking for the past couple years, Can you believe I still haven't done them!!! You've inspired me though...

Viola said...

They look so beautiful!!