Making & Baking

I've been feeling somewhat energetic
and having fun working on swaps.

I stepped outside the box to try
something totally new. This time
it's a tiny box...a matchbox.

It's very different working on such
a tiny scale, but oh so fun!

Trying out my new oven has been
alot of fun too. I'm loving it!

Have a great, creative weekend!


The Practice Shoe

Tonight, I'm learning how to make
this cute little Marie shoe.

I'm off to start another one.
You know what they say,
practice makes perfect.

Edited to add: I made this shoe from paper.


Dream Come True

I love my kitchen.

It's actually one of my favorite rooms.

It's small and doesn't have
alot of cabinet space, but I love it.

I don't have a dishwasher. I don't have
the space for one. But I also
enjoy the time spent washing my dishes.

My kitchen is small and decorated
in cottage style, but for as many years
as I can remember, I have wanted
a cook's kitchen. You know, the stainless
steel, restaurant-style looking kitchen?

This is my dream stove. Stainless steel, lots of burners,
a griddle, multiple ovens....the works.

It's a dream that would never be a reality. Not
only because of the big price tag, but because
of the big space required to house one. I would
actually have to give up some of my few
cabinets to fit one in my kitchen.

But, sometimes, good things DO come
in smaller packages. The new stove hubby
bought me is hooked up and ready to go.

And it is a smaller version of my dream stove.
It's stainless steel,  has a gas range top, griddle,
electric convection oven,
and it even has a small second oven.

Tonight, I'm feeling big stove love.

Sometimes, our dreams seem just
too big to come true. But, I believe
there is always a way to make them happen.

What are you dreaming about today?


Valentine Lovelies

I'm having so much fun working
on Valentine swaps with the
Marie Antoinette mail art group!

The glitter has been flying!

All the pinks and reds, glitter and roses....

it's making my head swirl.

Valentine's Day just might become
my new favorite holiday!

If you're looking for something
to do for Valentine's Day, here's
a blog party that should be very fun!

I will be participating in the party
here on my blog on February 12 & 13,
and I will be holding a giveaway!

Check out Rebecca's lovely blog
for all the party details.

Let's create something beautiful today!


Things I'm Loving Today

Working on this fun little swap project.

This beautiful image from Tattered Chic.
You simply must check out her Etsy shop,
she has the most beautiful digital images.

Pretty vintage linens and laces
that came in the mail today.

Shopping with hubby and finding

lots of pretty new papers and

fun things to create with.

Having lunch with hubby.

And....eeeeeeeekkkkk!! This beautiful
stainless steel, dual fuel range that
hubby bought me today. *giggle giggle*

This could actually make me want
to cook dinner!

What are you loving today?


Secret Valentine

This is the valentine I made for
the secret friend swap in the
Marie Antoinette mail art group.

I found this cute wooden heart
cutout at Michael's and thought
it was perfect for a Valentine.

After painting it white, I covered
the front with white flocking powder
and then added tulle, flowers,
feathers and a butterfly brooch.

And, of course, it needed a crystal.

I hope you're having a good week
and treating yourself
to some lovely creating.


Sweet Marie Valentines

Creating Valentine ATC's for the Marie
Antoinette Mail Art group is making me
want to add hearts and flowers everywhere.

I'm in the mood to create this week. If I could
just get finished putting Christmas away, then
I could do something fun for Valentine's.



I'm really loving home this weekend.

Still puttering and rearranging things.

Enjoying my favorite things
as I go through the house.

Home is where my heart is.