No Name Post

I've been busy making more cuffs.
This one is for Carmelina....

....and this one is for Marian.
I hope they like them.

And, I thought I'd try a red one.
It's still in progress.

Yesterday, this little beauty arrived.
I won it in Sarah's Valentine giveaway.
Thank you so much Sarah, I love it!

And, somebody puleeeeeeeeze tell me
that I am not the only person who
is this addicted to swapping!

I have had to resort to using post its
to keep track of the swaps I'm in.

I think I need an intervention!

Have a great, creative week!


In My Studio

So...yesterday, I pulled together
this pile of goodies to create with.

And, this is what I did.

It's a paper doll for another MA swap.

Today, I have two goody piles.

I'm going to work on cuffs for a
couple of sweet blogging friends.

It's the weekend!

Go play!


Creating Fun

I'm having so much fun creating these cuffs,
that I made two more of them last night.
They are just too fun! Want me to make you one?
Here is what I've pulled together
to play with today. I'll show you
tomorrow what I came up with.

Have a great day...and create something fun!


Swap Junkie

Hi. My name is Debi, and I am a swap junkie.

I can't help myself....I just can't get enough!

I won't even tell you how many swaps
I am currently signed up for. It's embarrassing!

I made this Marie birdcage for Sonia,
in another MA mail art group swap.

I made her body by printing two images
of Marie, and then placing two pieces
of poster board between the images.

This cuff was made for another
MA mail art group swap.

I am now hooked on making these cuffs
and have already started pulling together
pieces to make more of them.

They are soooo fun!

What has you hooked?


Ordinary Things

My lingering Valentine flowers....

cleaning the kitchen....

rearranging a  kitchen vignette...

spaghetti for dinner...

cleaning and reorganizing my closet....

Molly sleeping next to me while I blog.

It's an ordinary day.

'Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.'
Mother Teresa


In My Studio...& Pretty Mail

After a few days of nothing going on
in my studio, it's back to being busy.

And, I love it that way!

I finished up my pages for the next 4x4 book
in a Marie Antoinette mail art swap.

Front page

Back page

And more pretty mail today.

I won Rebecca's Valentine giveaway!

A beautiful queen's septor! And she
added a few other sweet goodies too!

Thank you Rebecca!

Also in the mailbox, was my order from
Gypsy Feather. This is one of my
favorite etsy shops. If you love using
vintage jewelry, buttons, and lace
in your artworks, you should check it out.


You've Got Mail

I just love mail.

Especially when it's pretty mail.

Like these beautiful ATC's from a swap
at Marie Antoinette Mail Art.

They are from Kris....


....and Heather (who doesn't have a blog).

Also included in the package, was this
sweet shadow box collage from Terri.

The details are just so beautiful.

She sent it as a thank you for winning
the Valentine giveaway on my blog.

Can you believe that?

Only in blogland do you find such
sweet and generous people.

Also in today's mail, was this stunning
powder puff wand, made by Lori.

Every time I pass it, I swoon.

It's just so feminine and beautiful.

And, my order from Glitter Your World came.

Annie has the most wonderful ribbons,
paper flowers, and glitter.

I just love mail!