In My Studio

So...yesterday, I pulled together
this pile of goodies to create with.

And, this is what I did.

It's a paper doll for another MA swap.

Today, I have two goody piles.

I'm going to work on cuffs for a
couple of sweet blogging friends.

It's the weekend!

Go play!


Pink Princess said...

Oh my. That paper doll is SO pretty. I am sure the recipient will ♥♥ it too. You make the prettiest things Debi :) Also like, no LOVE the materials you choose for the cuffs ♥♥

Hugs from Marian

Lynn said...

BEAuuuuuutifuLLLL...... you are on a roll Debi, I can't keep up with all your wonderful creations :)

Are you in the Tussie Mussie swap? It will be my first group swap in a year and I am so excited :)

Rhondamum said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, as always! xoxo Rhonda...

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I love the paper doll...how cute her lovely gown is! You are so creative!

Lori said...

Debi, you are a creating machine over there!!! i just love the gown you made for Marie, it is a stunner!!!

Lisa said...

Very lovely!! I have to work this weekend but have the Easter stuff out and changed to my light curtains, replaced the Shower curtain, and well the house looks very bright and shiny. Is that playing? ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

You are such a talented lady! I can't believe how beautiful your paper doll turned out.
Patricia :o)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Debi, that paper doll is outrageous - I love it.

I have to talk to you sometime about what you DO with all the swap stuff you get back. In the "old days" LOL you just put the atc's in the albums. But NOW there are so many different sizes and 3-d's and shapes - where do you PUT them all? LOL

I didn't know there was a tussie mussie swap - I'll have to check that out LOL

Something else I won't know what to do with.

Anonymous said...

Your paper doll is stunningly inspiring....blissfully romantic and absolutely charming!!!!

And, if I'm not dreaming....your piles and piles of cuff stuff.....oh so exciting and enticing...and exhilerating....

can you tell I'm on my second cup of coffee....???

ciao bella..

Little Pink Studio said...

Debi, your paper doll is gorgeous! Hope you're having a lovely, creative weekend!
Cerri xo

Ginger said...

Oh Debi, I can see some lucky friends of yours are going to get some beautiful cuff creations, you do such a good job on all your beauties. You are such an inspiration to me, I check your blog every day.

XO Ginger

Mimi said...

Hi Debi!!!!!
I have not heard from you in a while and thought I need to poo over and see what lovely things she is up too and creating!!! BOY what a great looking paper doll, I love her!!!!!
I hope everything is going well with you and I will check in with you again soon!!!!
have a great week

Elyse said...

holy guacamole, debi. stunning work as always!