It's a Purple Party!

Etsy Cottage Style is hosting a purple party!

Now, it isn't that I don't like purple, but
I just don't have much of it in my home.

I mean, my wedding was purple.  *shudder*
And, how that came to be, is a long story....

....and when hubby and I celebrated our 35th
anniversary a few years ago, we had a purple cake....

I know, this is supposed to be vintage purple things,
and the cake wasn't vintage....but, hubby and I are!  hehe!

Okay, let's get serious! Here are the few
vintage purple items that I own and love.

This pretty purple vase belonged to my mil.

This pretty dish also came from her.
I love the sweet little purple flowers.

Well, there you have it!
All of my purple treasures.

Be sure to visit Etsy Cottage Style
to see what other pretty purple
beauties are out there in blogland.


Lori said...

well, you managed to pull together quite a few things Debi...i am wracking my brains...and i can only think of one vintage purple thing that i have...i do have something on the way that is purple though...vintage too...

Debbi said...

Wow, Debi, purple wedding! Buy we used some great colors "back in the day"(as my son says). In 1978 I used yellow! Anyway thanks for sharing your vintage purple treasures!

Melody said...

Hi Debi!
I couldn't find one purple thing in my house either. I like purple, but was surprised to find none. Thankfully my website contained several things.
You were ahead of your time with a purple wedding they were still doing Rainbow Weddings then...remember those?

Sara said...

oh a purple wedding. what a handsome couple you make. I was going to use purple as our wedding theme but came up with cream and gold. I love your purple goodies. I like the dish. Hugs Sara

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Love that you had a purple wedding! You two make such a sweet couple. You found some purple and made it great!

chris said...

You are so cute! How fun to have a purple wedding! I loved all your pics!
Best wishes,

Atelier de Charo said...

Lovely purple treasures!!!


Lisa said...

Oh Debi! A purple wedding! How great!Judging by the pic you could have gone olive or orange, or bright yellow (as my aunts did yuck!! I was in them all!) But your other purples are awesome too! Purple is actually my favorite color. Always has been. I am pretty unchangeable (but pink, red, and jadite green are wonderful) hehehehe
Love this party!!
Hugs, Lisa

Secondhandrose said...

Your purple wedding looks so sweet and you look so young and happy! Congrats on a long and happy marriage. Come for a visit.


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

LOL, love your cake topper!!!

Purple used to be my favorite color and when I saw the party I had a difficult time finding something!

You have some beautiful treasures. I especially like the doll bust :)


Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Hi Debi, Love all your Vintage Purple Pretties!

Thanks for visiting my Blog!


sandisstuff said...

Love all your purple pretties. Noticed the china plates hanging on the wall in your wedding picture - the more things change the more they stay the same. Bet you wish you still had all the plates. Love the wedding cake. Hugs - Sandi

gabrielle said...

So many pretty purple treasures, you have!

Terri Gordon said...

Debi, What wonderful pictures, love the one of you and your husband, it is great to get to see you. How wonderful you have been married 37 years. My husband and I have been married 31 years.

I received my beautiful box today, I am just thrilled, I feel so special. Thank you so much for everything, I will treasure your beautiful art. I feel so lucky.

Thanks again, Hugs, Terri