Swap Junkie

Hi. My name is Debi, and I am a swap junkie.

I can't help myself....I just can't get enough!

I won't even tell you how many swaps
I am currently signed up for. It's embarrassing!

I made this Marie birdcage for Sonia,
in another MA mail art group swap.

I made her body by printing two images
of Marie, and then placing two pieces
of poster board between the images.

This cuff was made for another
MA mail art group swap.

I am now hooked on making these cuffs
and have already started pulling together
pieces to make more of them.

They are soooo fun!

What has you hooked?


Terri Gordon said...

Debi, I love your bird cage, it's wonderful and your cuff is really beautiful. I am in this swap and I am so nervous, I am used to sewing and not leaving frayed edges. I hope I can do it. Ha Ha. I love yours.

Lori said...

gorgeous creations Debi...do you know, i panic if i am in more than one swap at a time...don't know why...i just freak for some reason...i guess i am hooked on my puffs right now, at least until i get all of my orders filled...

Anonymous said...

Debi....your creations are beautiful! I love the pink rose trim you used on the dress...I have used that for a dress I sewed for my daughter...it's such a precious trim!!!

and your 'cuff' is wonderful....
you are so inspiring and I love that about you!
have a great night

Elyse said...

you are an amazing artist and it's so great to have these swaps as your "assignments" with agendas. enjoy and embrace the swaps!


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Love the birdcage!! And the cuff is tres chic!!!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Debi, you did such a beautiful job of this Marie Birdcage! Who ever gets her is going to be more than thrilled! I just signed up for my first swap today. I'm excited but nervous. Wish me luck!!
Patricia :o)

Living It At Home said...

You are very talented and what a sweet blog! I love all the images on your blog.

Glad I stopped by~


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

a really really delightful post - you and Rella have really set a high bar for this swap!

Lynn said...

Wow Debi, your Marie is very, very creative and made to perfection, you are so talented. I also love the cuff, I have started one too but got stuck, maybe one day soon I will get it together :)
Right now I am hooked on digital manipulation as you may have noticed LOL, just can't help it.

Julie Ann said...

Ohmygosh- I am soooo drooling over your Marie birdcage!!! It's perfection! And that cuff is just gorgeous, too!

Jennifer said...

Hi, I did a tussie mussie post today - brain storming....no one's home though! Jennifer