Jumping for Joy...and Jumping In

I received this gorgeous Marie birdcage
in a MA mail art swap. It was created
by Susan, and I absolutely love it!

Look how Marie is riding atop
a beautiful blue bird with butterfly wings.

And have you ever seen a birdcage
with luscious gold curtains? If you look
closely, you can see a little kitty inside
the cage. I didn't show that to my dogs. lol

Susan, I love, love your beautiful creation.
Thank you so much!

After seeing so many people's darling
squares, I just had to join in on the
39 Squares project.

Since my hubby and I will be celebrating
our 38th anniversary next month, I decided
to make 38 squares representing our life together.

As you can see, I am a beginner. But,
I'm not letting that stop me.

I just hope my kids won't be too
insulted by my representation of them. lol

They really were cute babies...honestly.

Let's all do something creative today!


Jenny's Craft Place said...

Hi Debi, congratulations on receiving such a lovely gift from your swap. Keep up with the stitchery...we all have to start somewhere! Besides, you know it will be an original... lol. Happy crafting, Jenny

Lori said...

Debi, your stitching project looks adorable!!! good for you for starting one...i wanted to also, but i only have three colors of floss...and no trips to the craft store are planned...i may do a wee stitching project to wet my whistle...and see if i want to try the 39 squares one...

Lori said...

oh, i have four colors of floss actually...like that makes a difference...LOL...

Ginger said...

The bird cage is just breath taking I love it and your stitching is so cute, love the portrayal of your kids. Your stitches are beautiful.


Elyse said...

hi debi!

how fun that you joined the 39 squares! i am finding myself a little obsessed with stitching them and last night i watched the how-to video on the 39 squares blog. it was really helpful and i can't wait to try out the instructions today.

your bird cage is simply fabulous!

i have a hunch that an all-nighter is in your future ...


Terri Gordon said...

Hi Debi, your stitching is wonderful. It looks fun. I just wish I had more time to do it. Love your bird cage. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri

Lisa said...

Oh how very great!! I used to have a whole set of floss and must have given it away!!! I thought I kept it but gave away the patterns I wasn't using!! Silly me! Your Bird cage is very lovely!!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi
I've been tempted to start the 39 square thing too...but I just don't have the time....to commit!

yours are lovely...and I think it's so nice that you are doing 38 squares and the meaning behind that will be very special to you in the years to come!

off to a great start!
ciao bella...

and I would just bring my laptop into the past, duh....
it's portable, right!

then that time period would be perfectamundo!


Mimi said...

HI!!!I have not popped in to visit you in awhile!!!!
Great looking project you are working on, I'm sure your kids will love it!!!!
Happy 38th years together!!! That is so awesome!!!!