Our Mini Vacation

Our mini vacation took us to St. George,
which is at the bottom of Utah, and is
the warm climate part of the state. We live
in the upper, cooler part of the state.

Everything is very different from where
we live. There are beautiful red rock formations,
palm trees, and in the summer, icky, HOT, dry weather.

While we were there, we took a little
drive to Mesquite, Nevada for some
high stakes gambling. Yep, we played
the penny machines and I won a huge
$5.75 pot!! WooHoo! LOL  
But, I fed it all back to the machine.
While hubby had fun on the golf course,
I spent the day working on a few projects.

Then, we went sightseeing, shopping,
and visiting some of our relatives.

This is the beautiful St. George temple.

As soon as I get pics taken, I'll show
you the projects I worked on, and
the fun things I found while shopping.


Cottage Cozy said...

Hurray for mini vacations! And what a win! lol

Lynnae said...

I used to live in St. George and next month I'm headed down there, and so excited. I miss the warm weather, even the HOT summers. I could use a little 105 degrees even at night.
Your pictures are lovely.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Gorgeous! Glad you were able to get away...now get over here and enter all my giveaways! lol

Big Hugs,

Duchess of Tea said...

Debi darling, glad you took a mini holiday and had a great time. Have a week filled with blessings luv.

Love & Hugs