Swap Love

I don't know which I love best....making things
for swaps, or receiving things from swaps.

The Altered Rose swap on the MA site
was a really fun one. Look at
the beautiful roses I received....

from Roxie,

and Rebecca.

Thank you ladies, I love my roses!

And today, this sweet package
arrived from Cathy. We're in
Miss Rhea's Easter Basket swap.

In this swap, we were to create an Easter
basket from a yogurt cup. Then, fill it with
5 goodies, no more, no less.

Look at this precious little basket, all
frilly and lacy, and cute as can be.

She really spoiled me with a sweet
little ornament and this beautiful sachet
with the prettiest little tiara pin! Ooooooh!
And pink roses are my favorite!

There's a big, yummy chocolate bar....
and a pretty soap that smells so good,
I may eat it after I finish the chocolate! LOL

Thank you Cathy...I love everything!


Karen said...

OH MY! Wonderful things! LOVE the roses but really love the little tiara pin! oh la la!
I am in a "meet and greet" swap for my craft getaway weekend in Savannah and DEBI! I have do to 25 of them. MY STARS! Sewing on 3 buttons alone is 75 buttons! I fear I won't finish - but I'll keep at it! Why did I choose this swap to learn to solder? BONG!
OH well, I sure am having a good time. I guess it's keeping me out of trouble, but . . . I really should go clean up that mess downstairs . . . :)
Have a great weekend! Karen

Anonymous said...

There is truth in that good ol' saying, there's more happiness in giving....
but it also works the other way around...what lovely roses...everything is so perfectly pretty! I love it...

the baskets remind me of what I did in highschool for the parenting class I took that made you prepare for the responsiblity of becoming a parent by having to carry around an egg for a week. I made it a little basket carriage, all bedecked with frills and roses...blankets, what have you...it was very girly because that is what I was hoping for, and then the egg came, and I got a boy egg assigned to me! yikes! I had to redo it all!

anyhow...i've rambled on long enough...but I just have to say one more thing, the only way you should eat that bar of soap is if you've uttered some very unladylike profanity! then it would honestly be okay to just go ahead and have a lick! okay!

have a great night!
come by and visit my new blog...click on my sepia face in the gold frame and it'll lead you there!

ciao bella debi

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Such pretty roses!and what wonderful goodies you received in the Easter swap from Cathy! Lucky You!

Createology said...

Where have I been? I love these altered roses. Your tiny yogurt basket is full of fabulous goodies for Easter. Happy Easter...

jen said...

The roses are gorgeous! And isn't Cathy the best got mine today almost you two's baskets done tonight WOOHOO! Have a lovely day!
luvs and glitter
p.s. I'm having a giveaway, come by to peek if you like :)

The Girl Who Loves Velvet said...

what a wonderful blog you have :) such great photos too!
If you have time would you look at mine?
thanks darl xx

whimsy said...

I just love your blog. I have awarded you a Beautiful Blogger Award so stop by my blog for details. awhimsicalchick.blogspot.com

Lori said...

what fun swap goodies you are receiving Debi...now i know why you signed up for so many...it must be so fun to be getting all of those pretties in the mail!!!

Cathy said...

Hi Debi,

Thanks for posting all your lovely treasures. You took awesome photos of your Easter goodies from me. You really made me look GOOD!

I'm so happy you love it all. I, too, love my Easter Basket and all it's treasures, which just arrived today.

Happy Spring,

xo Cathy