I've been working on a freestyle sampler....

...on this sweet little vintage slip.
I needed something fun to hang
it from, so I decided to make my own.
Using a piece of cardstock, I cut a pattern...

then traced it onto a piece of cardboard.
I cut it out and decoupaged vintage sheet
music to both sides of my 'hanger'.
I put a light coat of decoupage over both sides.

Before decoupaging the front side, I
added some pretty cutout roses.

Then, I added a light coat of acrylic paint
and lightly wiped away some of the paint
with a damp paper towel, leaving a
very light coat of paint over the whole thing.

I added one more coat of decoupage to give
it a finished look, trimmed out the hole, and
added a little ribbon, and a pretty applique.

My 39 38 Squares project is almost finished!

Here are squares #33 and 34.

And Look!
I finally remembered how to do a french knot!

Squares #35 and 36.

I'm getting excited....I've already
painted a frame for my sampler.

Since I'm almost finished with the swaps
I'm currently signed up for, I've been
creating for ME this past week.

What have you created for YOU lately?


Claudia said...

I'm almost done with mine, too. Mine is going to be 40 squares. How are you going to frame yours? I'm seriously thinking of framing mine as well.


stefanie said...

oh, that slip is adorable, it would look sooo sweet on a little girl.
and to answer your ?, thats what it looks like here, today it is about 71, but, it is pretty, but our summers are soooooooo HOT!

Atelier de Charo said...

Love your hang!!! So chic


Createology said...

Your sampler slip is so precious with your handstitching. I love love love your brilliant hanger idea. It is so creative and pretty. Happy creating...

Elyse said...

wow, debi, way to go on the french knot! i swear, i made 4 of them and then the know-how just vanished. poof! gone. love your squares.

and LOVE the hanger and little slip. sweet!


Lisa said...

Really cute! I like the slip! The hanger is cool!!
Your squares are sweet!
Hugs, Lisa

Karen said...

My goodness. I really, really need to give you a hug so some of your creativity can rub off on me. I LOVE this hanger idea!!! Now wouldn't that've been cute for a special little vintage something for the new baby in our family? GOLLY!
Love your squares. I hope to do this project - not right now, but in the future. I've always loved embroidery - my Gramma taught me when I could barely hold a needle, and I would like to do this. Just no time.

Why does my job have to keep interferring with my life? :) I don't think that is very fair! I mean, we should be able to play first, work 2nd . . . don't you agree?
:) Wonderful post! But all your posts are wonderful - I can always count on a "
pick me up" when I visit.
Have a great day! karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi!

I love what you've been up to here! so very pretty, as usual!

the hanger you came up with is really quite nice! what a great idea....sheet music and mod podge! what a combination!!!!

your squares are so fun to look at....love how it's all coming together!

ciao bella


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Love, love, love the slip...

Lori said...

Debi, your little slip/sampler is soooooo adorable...i love the sweet hanger you made for it too!!!