Waiting for Inspiration

The weeds are thriving, but the flowers
have been very slow to bloom this year.

It's been cold and rainy here. We even
had snow in a few parts a couple of days ago.

It's actually in the 70's today, but the sky
is gray and another storm is coming our way.

I just can't seem to find the energy
or the inspiration to work in my little garden.

So, Lucy and I are waiting.


Rella said...

Inspiration will come with the sun, I am sure of it. There is nothing like sun and blue skies to inspire garden work. In the meantime, just enjoy the green!

xox Rella

A Vintage Chic said...

Just wait....you'll feel inspired again! Love those bleeding hearts--one of my favorites...

Hope your evening is just lovely!


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I love the piggy! Have a happy sunny not gloomy day:))

Lori said...

i know how you feel...i let my flower beds go to heck for the last two years, i really neglected them, and a lot of things died...i am actually surprised i have any plants left...this year i am forcing myself to go out and work in them just about every day for a couple of hours...each time i am out there it seems like less of a chore...i am hoping to regain the joy i once felt when i was in the garden...

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Goodness, it is in the air. Not until two days ago did I even want to try to weed my Cottage garden. I worked on it yesterday after leading the little ones who inspired my joy. Strange growing year. Love your photos! Blessings friend.

stefanie said...

your garden is looking good...pretty soon you will be filling vases with flowers!

Anonymous said...

i sure hope the sun comes out shining strong for you.

you have a lovely garden!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Ginger said...

The sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow.........!! Hope it comes out for YOU!!!


Karen said...

OH my gosh Debi!
It's been FOREVER since you posted last! hehehe)
You have to admit - rarely do you go three days without posting!
Come over to my last post and see what you think!

Lynn said...

What a sweet post Debi, I love seeing your garden and not to worry, your hot weather will arrive soon :) We on the other hand are sweltering here in S.Ontario, but Calgary had snow yesterday. What is going on?

I have the same stone pineapple that you have there :)