A Whirlwind Weekend

For the last few weeks, I have been busy planning
and preparing a baby shower for one of my nieces.

Her due date is July 21. The baby is a boy,
so I went with an alphabet theme, using primary colors.

The shower was scheduled for Saturday.

Friday night, I had the room all set up. Tables were
decorated, streamers were hung, and I was in the middle
of cutting up fresh fruit, when the phone rang.

It was my sister, the paternal grandma, calling to say
that the kids were at the hospital. My niece was
having contractions. Whaaaaat?

The next 11 hours were a whirlwind of text messages,
phone calls, laughter, worry, and wondering.....
would we be having a shower, or postponing?

Saturday morning, my niece and nephew were back
at home. The doctor was trying to stop contractions,
he didn't want baby to arrive for at least another week.

Needing a diversion, the anxious grandmothers decided
they wanted to go ahead and have the shower.

So, we partied on, without the guest of honor.

There was lots of eating, laughing, hugging,
and talking about the new parents and baby.

Saturday night, my niece and nephew
were back at the hospital. It was another
long night of text messages, phone calls, and worry.

Finally, after more than 50 hours of labor,
our newest family member made his entrance.

It's been an exciting weekend! Sunday,
I slept most of the day, and I hope
the new parents did too.


Bloggerette Sorority - It's a Rush!

I'm a sorority sister, and today we're having our 'Rush Party'.

I live in the beautiful state of Utah in the USA.
I'm a wife of 38 years, and mother of 4.
As a full-time homemaker, I spend my days
blogging, creating, and occasionally cleaning. lol

Our rush assignment was to create something using this image,
so I decided to create a Bloggerette crown.

I started with a piece of poster board which
 I painted on both sides with a vintage white acrylic.

Then, using mod podge, I loosely added lace
to both the inside and outside of the poster board.

Then I placed it in a lid to dry. This
makes it easier to form in a circle.

I punched holes and laced it closed.

Then, the really fun part....I start pulling out
all the fun stuff I can find, and add it to the crown.

And now, horror of horrors......

here is my required photo with my project.

Thanks Karen!

I'm excited to be a Bloggerette Sister!
Plans are being made for many fun activities,
and I can't wait to meet my sisters!

If you would like to join our sorority, visit

You can visit her blog to see more rush projects.

Go Bloggerettes!


Welcome To My Studio

I'm excited to be participating in Karen's blog party
again this year, and to show you where I create.

Here are a few of my latest creations.

For me, creating provides an escape from the tension
and stress of everyday responsibilities. It clears my mind
when health problems become too much to handle.
It helps me keep my sanity.

My studio is my haven from the outside world.

Nothing bad ever happens here.

It's where I dream.....and play.

It is filled with things I love:

Sweet swaps and gifts from blogging friends.....

reminders of loved ones lost....

and loved ones who are my life......

and pretty things that just make me happy.

When I'm creating, I like total silence......

no music, no TV......

just the sounds of my family when they gather in my room.

My studio is filled to capacity....
yet there is always room for one more pretty thing.

My walls are a soft, soothing yellow
that is a perfect backdrop for the abundance of pink.

This is my favorite place to be. It comforts
me, and fills me with inspiration and joy.

Thanks for stopping by.

To see more beautiful and inspiring spaces,

Creativity makes a leap,
then looks to see
where it is.
--Mason Cooley


Extended Break?

I've spent so much time, for so long.....

playing around.....

and being just plain lazy.....

that my poor house has been seriously neglected.

Now, I'm hosting a baby shower in two weeks.....

and I'm frantically trying to get things cleaned up.....

and prettied up.......

before guests arrive.

So.....I am going to have to spend less time
playing in blogland for awhile.

I will be here for this.....

and this. So, come back and see me.

I'll miss you!


Home Sweet Home

After making a really dumb, and scary medication
mix-up last week, I haven't been feeling well this week.

Which means that I have fallen behind
on my already behind schedule.

So, I've decided to take a few days off from blogging,
to feather my nest and catch up on a few other things as well.

Have a sweet weekend!