Ephemera Swap

I finished up the gift packages for the Marie Antoinette
Ephemera swap. We're exchanging fun items to be
used in our French/Marie themed books.

These goodies are for Terri.

I also altered a small box for each of them.

And these goodies are for Robin.

I love these kind of swaps!

Hubby and I are headed out of town
for the rest of the week. :)
I will miss my internet and my blogging friends.  :(

Have a great week!


Pam Kellogg said...

Debi, your photos are breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

and debi..i shall miss you too!

thanks for leaving a dose of eye candy...these laces are gorgeous....as usual....

do come by for a spot of tea before you leave!

ciao bella
happy tuesday!
creative carmelina

Elyse said...


have fun debi!

fyi - heather at speckled egg is hosting a french-themed swap. check it out before you pack! LOL


Terri said...

Oooh Debi, what lovely treasures you have created! Your swap partner is totally lucky!
Have a fun time away.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Treasures!!! Have a great time! Blessings. P.S. love your light!!!

Karen said...

Drool . . . slobber. . . drool . . . slobber slobber . . .
OH! I'm sorry! Did I get you wet?
This is gorgeous!
Have a great trip! Will miss you for sure!
:) Hugs! Karen

Anonymous said...

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Miss Gracie's House said...

Such pretties they are getting...love seeing all you have been doing:)...have a good trip!

kanishk said...

your photos are breathtaking!
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